Kleingeld (Small Change) – German Short Film 2000 Oscar Nominated

Directed by Marc-Andreas Bochert English Subtitles.

Written by Owen Wilson and Wes Anderson Directed by Wes Anderson Shot in 1992 Shown at the 1994 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

37 Responses to “Kleingeld (Small Change) – German Short Film 2000 Oscar Nominated”

  1. Wes Turner says:

    Last homeless person I gave money too said, and I quote, “That’s all you
    got???” and I was 15 at the time?

  2. Eliu Espinoza says:


  3. Corey McDonald says:

    Ich verstehe nicht. Er wollte nicht ihm zu auto waschen. I don’t get it. He
    didn’t want his car washed…?

  4. plasticopia1 says:

    Very wonderful film. I imagine the people who found it to be pretentious or
    otherwise complained to be the ones who walked by the homeless man without
    dipping into their pockets. Nothing wrong with that–just different

  5. Marebe Ruth says:

    I am verry sad!I do not why!?

  6. Mohammad Karl says:

    longest BMW commercial i’ve ever watched?

  7. Kevin Elmore says:

    Diese Kurzfilm ist sehr gut. Genießen Sie! Kleingeld (Small Change) –
    German Short Film 2000 Oscar Nominated?

  8. thatXotherXperson says:

    i agree with 2amara34 and saynotogreens. he told the guy not to wash his
    car, to leave it alone. in a way the homeless man disrespected him by
    continuing to wash it and then he EXPECTS to get paid for that act? no. it
    was pretty childish of the businessman to get it really dirty then sneak
    away but i mean, really. it IS pretty pretentious. long on symbolism and
    short on fact and rationale. XD?

  9. goldengolden says:

    Oscar nominated? Really? Many unanswered questions. Why does he continue to
    wash the car even after being told harshly not to, if he is so self
    righteous why does he beg in the first place, the man went to him to show
    that he doesn’t have change and the beggar shows he is upset…how
    ungrateful of the beggar…good acting but no wonder it didn’t win the

  10. ????? ??????? says:
  11. blessing chinanga says:

    really cool film.?

  12. littlemoni1 says:

    Neveroqtno, Az se razplakah….breathtaking really…?

  13. radulTM says:

    2amara34, how often do you eat??

  14. 2amara34 says:

    why did the homeless man run after him, he could offer washing the car
    without return as the man gave him money everyday without waiting for
    return. i did not like the story

  15. isabellematutina says:

    Brilliant. Nothing like a homeless guy to make you feel shame.

  16. DukeLongfellow says:

    This film is wonderfully simple, minimalist and to the point, yet it can
    evoke a pretty strong emotional impact. I saw it not too long ago in a
    class and was fairly impressed. It doesn’t try to be anything more than it
    is and that’s what makes it a worthwhile watch.

  17. Francisco Merçon says:

    De sensibilidade rara. Muito tocante. Emocionado.

  18. Ted Em says:

    the best short film ever / nai-dobrata kusometrajka, s dosta golqm smisul!
    🙂 Congrat.

  19. koykah says:

    wow this is gold?

  20. CrystalJupiter says:

    It’s really weird seeing Bottle Rocket in both its short and film form.
    It’s nothing like any of his other films visually, and I didn’t even know
    it was directed by him until I had finished his other films.?

  21. y61mean says:

    oh man. This should have been stayed as a short film.?

  22. Oxblood says:

    Dignan is one of the most pure-hearted characters in movie history.?

  23. FlyingOverTr0ut says:

    What a great film.?

  24. Peter Levine says:

    This really is a treasure trove of wonder and entertainment?

  25. Kabla21 says:

    This looks so professional..the characters..you cant help but feel pity and
    amused about these guys :D?

  26. Peter Levine says:

    This really is a treasure trove of wonder and entertainment?

  27. Denise Segell says:

    Wow, I can’t believe I found this on Youtube. This is a film I worked on in
    1992. I remember it like yesterday. Unfortunately… I recorded over the
    “rough cut.” But boy, look who’s careers were launched. Hmmm.?

  28. Revolutionary Productions says:

    So fascinating. ?

  29. John W. King says:

    Does anyone know what type of camera Anderson used to film this??

  30. Uruk Hai says:

    whats the son on the begining??

  31. PinkFloydrulez says:

    i need to know what that song playing around 2 mins is ?

  32. aumerci says:

    i like?

  33. Starfucker says:

    good acting from the wilsons?

  34. Nabil leal says:

    This is better than the feature length.?

  35. Nabil leal says:

    The Sting, 4:47-5:37,?

  36. Bailee Walsh says:

    Reminds me so much of a Jean-Luc Godard film. The music, the black & white,
    street scenes….?

  37. Claudia Summerfield says:

    Wes Anderson’s short film ‘Bottle Rocket’ that went on to become his first
    feature —

    BlueCat’s Grand Prize for Short Screenplays is $10,000 this year! Did
    somebody say ‘production budget’?

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