Justin Timberlake – Mirrors

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

40 Responses to “Justin Timberlake – Mirrors”

  1. hector vega says:

    GOD is the other half of me,now who wants to make it to HEAVEN cuz its

  2. Debra Vail says:

    Great dance tune, and fantastic lyrics ?

  3. Lui Calibre says:

    You’re my reflection! :D?

  4. Viviana Santos Ferreira says:

    Espelhos :D?

  5. højgaard nielsen says:

    Sad though that no one is together from adult to old. People swap bf/gf
    like I swap underwear ?

  6. Death The Kid says:

    +Eugene Krack Hey, what do you think about this??

  7. Fernando Vinny says:

    Eu tentei acessar alguns videos da Vevo e estão bloqueados vocês conseguem

  8. brian upton says:

    I hope that the 18th of September finds you in a good space. Those of you
    are ill I wish you good health very soon.?

  9. Rachel Harrell says:
  10. Peter Griffin says:

    it’s so sad that Happy Ever After never actually Existed…?

  11. Thalia Santos says:

    Espelhos :D?

  12. Carlos Augusto Silveira Pinto says:

    Confira este vídeo no YouTube:?

  13. epicgamer0007 says:

    how does this song have 232,525,948 views when only .7 people in da whole
    world 🙁 ?

  14. morfou1 says:
  15. The Amethyst Kiss says:

    Such a beautiful song *Justin Timberlake-Mirriors*?

  16. Katie Zeol says:

    *sigh* why do all music videos have to be meaningless and “artistic”? Like
    this, Sia-Chandelier, OneRepublic-Counting Stars, Etc. I fucking hate it.
    Everyone is like “Its a metaphor” like no shut the fuck up, it’s nothing.
    It’s literally nothing. It doesn’t mean anything.?

  17. ???? says:


  18. Carpe Diem Brazil says:

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