Johan Cruijff is art

A video about one of the greatest football players ever; Johan Cruijff. Songs: 1=Ludovico Einaudi – On, 2= Vivaldi – Summer (presto), 3= Ludovico Einaudi = P…
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This is a Case Video which talks about the Audi A3 Interactive Story/Spy Movie idea in which the audience is part of an investigation to find the stolen A3.

14 Responses to “Johan Cruijff is art”

  1. angelrocknnnroll says:

    Cruijff- Maradona – Zidane- Garrincha. Best players in history !?

  2. FUK studies says:

    one thing people tend to overlook is that sports science was not as ultra
    developed as it is players like messi CR7 get top notch nutrition
    ..evolution is also resulting in faster,more athletic,individuals?

  3. José Miguel Burgos says:

    A fantastic video about one of the greatest football players ever:

    Mr. Johan Cruijff.

    Enjoy his art, amigos.

    #soccer #cruijff #soccerlegends #netherlands #naranjamecanica
    #ajax #fcbarcelona ?

  4. YoungJin Kim says:

    netherland is only divings shit player! ?

  5. omegavalerius says:

    We have won three world cups and on each occasion in the final we were the
    underdogs. On each occasion some of the best players ever to grace a
    football field were in the opposing team. Puskas, Cryijff and Maradona. Of
    those three I have the greatest respect for this man.?

  6. ThePunish 3D says:

    This is the real top 10 of Best player on history.
    Please dont put Beckenbauer Di Stefano Platini Puskás Garrincha Van Basten

  7. Andre Mujica says:

    This man definitely deserved to win a world cup. No offense to Argentina
    but I think Netherlands would’ve won in 1978 if Johan would’ve played?

  8. pedrofaba says:

    Im 54 and he still is the best player ive ever seen?

  9. Frank Champion says:

    @ 4:25 Johan doesnt know the rules?

  10. Jorge Antonio says:

    He was good, but compared to Pelé, he was just a kid! Pelé was complete:
    scored more than 1.230 goals, had a strong kick with the 2 legs, headed
    like anyone else, won 3 W Cups…Pelé is the best ever, the God of

  11. jajajeomaiskaal says:

    THE best player to have walked the face of the earth, without a doubt. No
    one has ever even come close to Johan Cruijff.?

  12. Marenqo says:

    The man that modernized football single-handedly, the teacher of Messi, van
    Basten but also Zidane. If it was not for Him (capitalised H) we would
    still be playing in the middle-ages of football. The closest thing to a
    deity when it comes to football.?

  13. Mr3665464 says:

    to the best belgian who ever lived!?

  14. Thom Pulliam says:

    Great example of transmedia storytelling on behalf of a brand.

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