Jobs Said Apple Accused Of Monopolistic Adobe Flash-adobe Has Been Accused Of Falling Behind

Adobe Flash declining seems to be an indisputable fact
Jobs Flash has become anachronistic in counter
Apple Refused to iPhone, iPad and iPodTouch using Adobe Flash technology, which led to the escalation of the struggle against former allies. According to several foreign media reports, Apple may soon become the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) or the U.S. Department of Justice antitrust investigation. As Apple asked developers to use Apple-certified application programming language written for the iPhoneOS triggered the U.S. government bodies. With Apple in the mobile field forces growing, Apple was proud of the closed policy, began to resent being eco-partners. Adobe blames Apple for attempt to monopolize the same time, Jobs has blasted out of date Flash unreliable, in the solidarity of ARM and Microsoft, Flash appear to be dropping.

Adobe blames Apple for “attempted monopolization” Apple abandoned
was Adobe, its chief technology officer Kevin? Lynch Technology Conference has strongly criticized the monopoly of Apple, “Apple’s current strategy is like enclosure built in the Internet field with a back garden wall . “Lynch will act in the 19th Century the railway company’s monopoly of the United States compared to that Apple’s attempt to exclude all competition.

Adobe accused of “enclosure” means Apple asked developers to use Apple-certified programming language iPhoneOS write applications, allowing developers can not use third-party code to create iPhone, iPad and iPodTouch application. The developers could have application to easily convert to iPhone Google Android, Microsoft WindowsMobile and PalmWebOS other platforms. Existence of these platforms are competing with Apple. Apple’s new policy also prohibits the implantation of a third party in the application of analytical tools, which makes the existence of competing with Apple Advertisement Network Can not iPhoneOS in advertising. Apple’s application store applications currently total more than 200,000 models, while Android and other platforms are far behind.

Market are currently 85 million devices using iPhoneOS operating system, Apple to dominate MP3 Player market, and occupied part of the intelligence Mobile Market and the small but rapidly growing in among the mobile computing market. While the mobile operating system market is still in its infancy, but the Apple empire building can not be overlooked. Analysts believe that Apple’s current market position and strategy with Microsoft’s current anti-trust concerns raised exactly the same.

Jobs shelling Flash outdated Former friends are now enemies, Jobs wrote articles shelling FlashH closed, unreliable, high energy consumption, mobile Internet era will be replaced by HTML5.

Jobs posted on its website an open letter recalled the two companies have a honeymoon period, “when Adobe was still just a garage, a small company, we will meet with its founder. Apple is that they The first big customer. “Apple is Adobe’s shareholders for years, with its 20% stake. FLASH block Jobs Apple online store does not want to protect the commercial interests of a purely technical problem, “Flash, sooner or later be replaced HTML5” Jobs that have pricing power and 100% of Flash is a proprietary closed system The HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, and all are open standards. Jobs said that although 75% of Web video is Flash format, but still not irreplaceable, “almost all the Flash video format has other more advanced format: H.264”, in addition to these two points, Joe Booth abandoned the more mainly because Adobe Flash is not reliable, unstable, “Flash is the leading cause of crash of Mac systems.” At the same time due to the need of hardware video decoding, so the video playback and a range of time became the largest soft FLASH threat, “the iPhone on, H.264 standard video can play up to 10 hours, but with Software Decoding of video will only play less than 5 hours. “And Flash is to use a mouse designed for PC, not suitable for finger touch, iphone, ipad.” Mobile device performance has been poor, ” Therefore, the conclusion is

Jobs, Flash for the PC era was born, and for the personal computer and the mouse appear. However, age is a low-power mobile devices Touch Screen Interface and the era of open network standards, Flash has been out of date. Flash is no longer necessary for the Internet video viewing. “The new open standard has been established, such standards such as HTM L5 only in mobile devices and personal computers the same success.”

Flash was the threat of new video standards FLASH
Apple’s shelling also received the solidarity of the industry giants, ARM Marketing Vice President Ian? Drew has said that issues such as Flash optimal delay, this has not yet led to market intelligence.

Apple rival Microsoft, Flash is also a rivalry between the alliance with Apple, Microsoft, IE General Manager Dean? Kazakhstan Charles Mocci said, Flash does have some problems, particularly in reliability, security and performance. IE9 Microsoft’s upcoming browser will support HTML5 and H.264 video playback capabilities. These technologies will undoubtedly challenge the standard Flash video player. Google to buy 106 million U.S. dollars of the price of video compression solutions leader On2Technologies, tried to introduce this form of free, high-quality video. This is most likely to promote online video site to Google’s video-playback standard. Giants do not agree on the Flash, and marginalization, so AdobeFlash declining become an indisputable fact.

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