Jimmy Pays Tribute to Robin Williams

Jimmy celebrates the life and comic genius of Robin Williams and shows archive footage of his first Tonight Show appearance with then-host Johnny Carson. Sub…
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15 Responses to “Jimmy Pays Tribute to Robin Williams”

  1. Ricky Roma says:

    Robin Williams didn’t “pass away”. My grandma passed away. He offed
    himself. He took his own life. He took the cowards way out. He didn’t care
    enough for his wife and kids to suck it up and keep on living. He was a
    drug addict from the beginning of his cocaine fueled carreer. Depression is
    not a medical problem, it’s a spiritual problem. He wasn’t chemically
    imbalanced, he was spirituality imbalanced. This proves it doesn’t matter
    how much money and fame you have, if you are spiritually weak the devil
    will take you down. He didn’t put on the full armor of god. “Ephesians ch.
    6”. Let’s get real Robin Williams was no saint. He lived a wild life of big
    money, lots of booze and drugs, and the devil punched his ticket.?

  2. L1Games says:

    To all the haters saying they’re glad he’s dead,
    I hope you find your way someday. It’s truly heartbreaking that you think
    you have to sink so low as to wish death upon and disrespect the memory of
    someone who worked so hard to do so much.
    But, I’m not surprised. I’m sure there are a lot of loathsome, deplorable,
    Pricks, like you who get all happy and giddy when someone who accomplished
    so much and does so much good for others dies. It’s the only thing that
    makes you feel good about your own worthless pathetic lives.?

  3. TokyoKazama says:

    I didn’t agree with that awkward impression of Robin Williams. Not the time
    Jimmy, not the time…?

  4. MassFisher says:

    Jimmy is such a phoney fool trying to cry and be emotional. God damn fake
    ass prick.?

  5. ricky rua says:

    why is every one calling him coward?he didnt want to live so he took his
    own life now he is at peace! he didnt hurt anyone he just wanted to end his
    misery its sad but let him rest in peace.?

  6. blackrosekn1ght says:

    This isn’t a hate comment. But its like nobody gave a damn about robin
    Williams….UNTIL now. And I know a few of u will be like wtf dude where u
    been everybody cared. …really….really. Just like heath ledger nobody
    really cared until they died. Hmm…Steve Irwin…..Michael Jackson….the
    list goes on. Tommorow jean Claude van dam will die them poof everybody
    suddenly cares. Once again this is not a hate comment. Just a observation.?

  7. USA TODAY says:

    “He was like the Muhammad Ali of comedy.” http://usat.ly/1pNJIa9 ?

  8. Alain Bruno says:

    Robin Williams was my favorite comedian actor 🙁 I love all his movies. I’m
    really sad he passed away. RIP!!?

  9. MellowMakes says:

    I wonder why creative people are so haunted by their own minds??

  10. JGD1985 says:

    Depression didn’t kill Robin Williams. It was $30 million in alimony plus
    another failing marriage and realizing that he’d have to take shitty roles
    for the rest of his life just to pay it off. Creative genius killed by the
    California courts.?

  11. ISAAC SOKOLSKY (ADL) says:

    Fuck Robin Williams. The anti-semitic *PIG* protests against Israeli troops
    in the defence against Gaza. Rot in hell anti-semite!!?

  12. Cameron Kinney says:

    Lol last week literally no one cared about him but since he died everyone
    just decides to care?

  13. TheMijify says:

    Am I the only one who just can’t believe Robin is dead? Like I know he is,
    but yet right now he feels more alive than ever. Idk, just my weird

  14. Dillon The Hacker says:

    Robin Williams died of auto erotic asphyxiation, it wasn’t a suicide… at
    least he probably died happy though.?

  15. jennabob. says:

    Jesus Christ, people. Let him mourn how he sees fit. He’s not trying to
    take the spotlight. He’s paying homage with his impressions. Get off your
    high horses.?

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