JATT DI JOON | A Punjabi Short Film | 2015 |

“Jatt di Joon – A short film ” In association with Rhythm Addicted – https://www.facebook.com/Rythmaddictedofficial STARRING SUMEET SAMMY- https://www.facebook.com/sammysumeet Directed by…

A short film produced at RMIT (Melbourne, Australia). Official selection at the 2010 Melbourne Queer Film Festival Written, directed and edited by Jessica Sm…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

32 Responses to “JATT DI JOON | A Punjabi Short Film | 2015 |”

  1. Azeem Mann says:

    A lot of time and effort went into making this film. Please Like , Comment
    , Subscribe , Share , it would be much appreciated :)?

  2. Dilpreet Singh says:

    Nicely worked n true story depicted..only by strong efforts of all film
    makers..sammy go ahead n touch heights n spread great messages?

  3. Agam Mann says:

    ThankYou for all the love and support.. Keep sharing 🙂

  4. Anuj Singhal says:

    Kudos Guys..! Great work…! ?

  5. Parmjit Singh says:

    Sad but true. Well done!?

  6. Ankush Verma says:

    Nice Work Sammy Bro. :D?

  7. Arvind Mehta says:

    Great work !!!!!?

  8. Deva Shalley says:

    This is amazing!! Reaaaaallly admire all the effort that must’ve been put
    in. Hats off everyone on the team :D?

  9. Sahir Singh says:

    Love it!?

  10. gurkim kaur gill says:

    great work?

  11. Sahil Thakur says:

    nice bt cud have been better (y)
    you could have cinemascoped + color graded + used a rig / stabillization
    plugins to overcome shakiness.But overall effort appreciated. well done .?

  12. piyush arora says:

    grt work…..nyc story..n sammy verra di acting sirra… ;)?

  13. dholibik says:

    Nicely done, really sad but reflective of some real situations?

  14. navdeep singh says:

    Nic ?

  15. Md Singh says:

    Prince veere….great work done by all of u… (y)?

  16. Niina S.K says:

    Oh my gosh, I love this! <3 So cuuute <3 😀 ?

  17. Danielle Dorchner says:

    i love it when she have to like put the ring to her mouth so she wont get
    caught xD?

  18. Xtine Anne says:

    This video got a like from me when she was rehearsing in the bathroom. So

  19. Frost Avaricio says:

    Btw, this idea helps me alot, because I’m proposing to my girlfriend, this

  20. Frost Avaricio says:

    Hey jess, that was a lovely short film. Great story, funny, romantic, just
    great! Awesome…?

  21. Claudia Morelli says:

    so cute!!!! ^_^ ?

  22. Ashley Doom says:

    adorable <3?

  23. Erica Torres says:

    OMG just started watching this and its adorable?

  24. candyland41001 says:

    Lol this reminds me of my current girlfriend and I so cute ugh I can’t wait
    for the day I ask her to be my wife?

  25. Barbara sajpel says:

    warm and tender,,,thank you

  26. Erica Torres says:


  27. greengirl744 says:

    Cute …. Funny …. :)?

  28. Jul Buz says:

    Oh my gosh I loved this film so much 😀 ?

  29. dora robson says:

    So beautiful :)?

  30. LongLiveFor13 says:

    Wow Made me Smile at the end…?

  31. rosa g says:

    que original y real…ajajjjaj?

  32. Jamie Locke says:

    As cute as.?

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