Introduce yourself (Listen English through short clips)

Introduce yourself (Listen English through short clips)

A video will help you improve your Listening. It contends short, simple conservation about daily activities with a English subtitle. You should try to listen…
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9 Responses to “Introduce yourself (Listen English through short clips)”

  1. Gabby Wallace, M.Ed TESOL - Go Natural English says:

    I also create video lessons here on Youtube. Nice video and fantastic
    Channel! The lesson was well thought of. I very much appreciate your style.?

  2. Tulasi smiley says:


  3. Sexxy Brown says:

    Thanks for the tips enjoyed the clips.?

  4. mem k says:

    it helps me alot thanks?

  5. Gerrard UBK Teme says:


  6. Ni Wen says:


  7. ??? says:
  8. Ahmed Gomaa says:
  9. Mustafa ├žolak says:

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