Instant Justice Compilation

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25 Responses to “Instant Justice Compilation”

  1. meepzer says:

    How the fuck is 3:17 justice? The guy says he would enjoy to be kissed, and
    then he punches him in the fucking face.?

  2. Yuri Boyka says:

    Love to beat that criminal into a coma 3:15. How the fuck is sucker
    punching a defenseless man justice?? The fuck outta here?

  3. Reinhardt Lohengram says:

    4:42 why is this juste served? I mean that dumb fucking specimen was in the
    middle on the street, in the middle of the winter, with the road full off
    fucking ice and snow, what did he do wrong? he was supposed to stop the
    car, go and shake his hand??

  4. Matthew Perry says:

    If I was that kid who back-round housed kicked the other kid; I would of
    kicked the shit out of the little fucking squeaker cunt also.?

  5. Janusha says:

    Russian police. You hit them with a shovel, they will kick your arse.
    Because they have combat training. American police are fat, untrained
    amateurs and shoot you dead with 36 bullets instead. ?

  6. Ryan Sobus says:

    I love that I have the right to defend myself. God bless America?

  7. thesatanic6 says:

    3:20…punching someone for trying to kiss you after you told him to kiss
    you is not instant justice…that guy needs to be sued?

  8. Liz Fox says:

    4:29 what a beautifully executed round house kick to the face.?

  9. Mandrake says:

    The video is filled with white people doing stupid shit as well, and yet
    people are focusing on bashing the black ones haha.
    And it always starts with stupid shit like “I am not racist… But…” ?

  10. TheHupe says:

    8:39 damn what a stupid bitch, she got what she deserved. literally.?

  11. . F o x x . says:

    Did he seriously pull down that guy’s pants? x’DD?

  12. Ethurs says:

    … 1:16 you can see vitalys balls?

  13. Beny Karachun says:

    7:19 happen in Israel. useless arabs doing that shit.?

  14. lisa may says:

    thought id share, a guy flipped me the bird the other day in traffic and
    called me a cunt!
    so i followed him without him seeing and when he parked and left i slashed
    his tyres on his fancy suv. lol who’s the cunt now!!! lol?

  15. BennyBenedikt says:

    Wow that one woman fighting in front of her kids like that. Classy.?

  16. Chris Stark says:

    26:05 I remember doing this as a kid. A friend and I were like 12 and
    throwing rocks at a train, I picked up a HUGE rock and whipped it as hard
    as I could at a moving train which it bounced off and flung it back at me
    lightning fast missing part of my face by so little that I felt the air
    from it as it whizzed by my face. Another inch and it would’ve torn off my
    face/killed me.
    Never threw another stone at anything again!?

  17. Wendy S says:

    If America is so bad, you people who think so are all free to go live
    elsewhere, so go ahead.?

  18. TheWhiteAngelzz says:

    9:15 I really feel bad for the kids. Poor children. ?

  19. Nicholas Price says:

    I was just about to write what a beautiful thing this video is, then I see
    the 13:30 where the car jacker gets shot and he just lies there dead for
    the camera to see. While that’s justice, seeing a dead body like that,
    there’s nothing beautiful about it at all. Maybe he deserved it, but even
    for a bum and a criminal, that was somebody’s son. ?

  20. supersportrsz28 says:

    just terrible seeing those children crying… just horrible! God help us

  21. pro israel says:

    i rilly cant say whos the most stupird geting beat up by a old guy ore
    geting beat up my a maskote ?

  22. mikeflemming711 says:

    If black people didnt exist (how great would that be) this video would only
    be 2 minutes long lol. ?

  23. drifter13 says:

    Blacks are violent as shit…..I dont wanna say more but this is seriously
    not cool?

  24. Freodeo says:

    that stupid beaner pulling a gun should be killed asap?

  25. Cthulhu says:

    How the fuck is 14:20 justice? It’s just some asshole racer who failed to
    skim a corner…?

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