Inside My Being – Alzheimer’s Film *New Film Clip

Inside My Being - Alzheimer's Film  *New Film Clip — a clip from the acclaimed short film on Alzheimer’s Disease. This film was written and directed by Roberto Carlo Chiesa which chronicles the ordeal of a mother and daughter…
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4 Responses to “Inside My Being – Alzheimer’s Film *New Film Clip”

  1. Line katrine Naley says:

    This is my daily life with my mom at 60 years of ages and this is a
    terrible situation to be in..
    I loved this clip <3?

  2. Nono Namo says:

    Generations have different diseases, this generation wanted to FORGET….
    so much so, they disassociated from their own emotional memories of pain,
    of both the depression when small children and WW 2. This dis – ease, is a
    result of memories as a group around the world, that could not really
    address, work through by therapy or even in the family of deep emotional
    problems from war and depression. This left the next generations to have to
    hold and carry it, and bring it out into the open. Either way people
    suffer, it purifies their emotional body, be it an elder like her or her
    children and grandchildren’s age. Suffering is divine and heals the soul.
    Its wiser to work on emotional issues as they occur, not 50 years later,
    but its never too late unless the Alzheimer makes the person not be able to
    address personal emotions anymore.?

  3. Selma Edens Salles says:

    Beautifully done!!!

  4. Conspiracy Gaming says:

    this really helped with my homework and was really interesting thx

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