InDesign CS5 – Revista básica – Parte 4 de 8: vetorização

Tutorial completo em 8 partes para auxiliar na criação de uma revista básica no Adobe InDesign CS5. Partimos desde as configurações de páginas e a criação da…
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Learn how to use Photoshop CS5 Extended to create abstract 3D shapes, sunning star flares, and more! This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to create a hi…
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26 Responses to “InDesign CS5 – Revista básica – Parte 4 de 8: vetorização”

  1. Vagner Bezerra Costa says:

    Muito bom mesmo! Nenhum outro tutorial que eu vi é tão bom quanto esse!?

  2. Fernando Gama says:

    Excelente trabalho! Parabéns?

  3. blurgirl365 says:

    i cant make the polar thing i dont have enough memory 🙂 ?

  4. blurgirl365 says:

    hi, define brush is not availabe buuuuuuu?

  5. junuine batoon says:


  6. Fiseha Tesfaye says:

    wow beautiful result?

  7. Nayo Lendried says:

    Soooooooooo nice channel! Everything is well explained :DD <3?

  8. Sebastian Ja says:

    a great high quality tutorial, not because of the photoshop techniques that
    you teach, but the effort put on making this as clear and comprehensive as
    possible. A totally profesional looking tutorial.?

  9. shanu khalifa says:

    Where do i get the brush. plzzz anybody?

  10. arianne jane valencia says:

    my photoshop is cs2 not cs55?

  11. saeid esmailzade says:

    whats the name of intro song??

  12. Serena Oliveri says:
  13. anneeq008 says:

    Hmmm is there a free application out there that u can use to produce
    somewhere near as good a poster as this????

  14. tara14kel says:

    very good tutorial.. very nice voice! 😉

  15. ADELAborn2besomebody says:

    it’s so complicated :'(

  16. Mario Gonzalez says:

    Hey what can I do if my 3d features don’t work? (all options in grey), I do
    have the CS5 Extended version.

  17. The2010Elio says:

    plzzz help when i go rapuse i cant clik it…..what can i do ????

  18. Dave Bosworth says:

    this is a great tutorial for me to get back into PS. Thanks

  19. HighTechGamer says:

    Nice tut guys, wanna partner up box me? I’ll box back and maybe we’ll have
    a collaboration one day 🙂

  20. DuyAnh1 says:

    very nice example 😀

  21. Alpha NaDo says:

    Nice tutorial man

  22. Marc McDollar says:

    this tutorial is wonderful!! thanks a lot 😀

  23. kay telafay says:

    well the ending project came out good but i must say that you talk and move
    way to fast for me. im just starting out on PS5 and i had to keep either
    pausing or rewinding the vieo in order to see and hear what your were
    doing…might wanna slow down a bit

  24. Casper.ID says:

    FUCK THIS!!!!

  25. Photoshop Tutorials says:

    @BeybladeMaster11000 Your image is probably too low resolution. Try finding
    a larger image.

  26. hurican1 says:

    thanks for this awesome tutorial

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