I’m Elmo and I Know It ORIGINAL ( LMFAO Parody )

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19 Responses to “I’m Elmo and I Know It ORIGINAL ( LMFAO Parody )”

  1. zoelie Leims says:

    HA HA HA?

  2. Kai Haynes says:

    elmo is a beeeeeeest?

  3. cindy nicolas says:


  4. Le Mont Bennett says:

    This STILL makes me laugh!
    I’m Elmo and I Know It ORIGINAL ( LMFAO Parody )

    #Elmo #ratchetlife #LMFAO ?

  5. Arjan Arnhem says:
  6. Kriss Foley says:
  7. Thomas John Kenny says:
  8. winter Ong says:

    like wat i post become my folower and the people i post about enjoy it

  9. Suzy Needleson says:

    XD ?

  10. logan discenza says:
  11. my life as Princess says:

    lol this is funny i was laughing my head off?

  12. Noah Pepe says:

    it soo funny?

  13. Tay G says:
  14. RoSsii O.B says:
  15. Dallas Hrabar says:
  16. Johannes Cambri says:


  17. Ponciana Kely Mporta says:
  18. logan discenza says:
  19. Gurneet Khaira says:

    This is so funny

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