Illustrator Tutorial – Team Logo Creation (E-Sports/Sports)

In this Tutorial you’re going to learn how to create a professional looking Team Logo that can be used for example in Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO)…
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6 Responses to “Illustrator Tutorial – Team Logo Creation (E-Sports/Sports)”

  1. mrcooliscool12 says:

    Did u use a tablet ??

  2. pixelmonster l Motion Design says:

    Wie viel kostet so ein Logo? Find die richtig krank und das ist nicht so
    ein billiger in Photoshop zusammengeklatschter Mist, wie ich meins gemacht
    hab c: ich Feier das richtig hart ;)?

  3. Ehsanur Rahman says:

    Hello… Can you give me the logo file ? I was finding a logo like this and
    believe it or not , the name of our team is Vipers 😀 So can you give me
    the logo ? I am from Bangladesh. I also tried to make the logo, but I am
    not so good at it. I am a big fan of you. I will be very much pleased if
    you give me the logo :)?

  4. KidTheInk says:

    where you from? and btw I love your work.. does this also work with

  5. armaganvideos says:
  6. Im SpliiZz says:

    Name Fonts ??

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