Illustrator tip: How to copy vector Illustrator paths to Solidworks

Hello. This video shows how to import Adobe illustrator artwork to Solidworks. If you would like more Adobe illustrator or Solidworks tutorials feel free to …

11 Responses to “Illustrator tip: How to copy vector Illustrator paths to Solidworks”

  1. c0rnf1ake says:

    There is an easier way for bringing 3D text outlines into solidwords. When
    you save as DWG you also tick “outline text”. After doing this, numerous
    text words imported without such effort in this video.?

  2. Marlon Schipper says:

    Hej! thank you! easy to follow and done! :)?

  3. rodrigo blejman says:

    how do you import into an specific plane in solidworks? or just import and
    copy paste in the plane i want??

  4. Paddy Halpenny says:

    Great video man you saved me a lot of time! ?

  5. Rijan H says:

    E vala, svaka ti cast! idem na sljedeci video :D?

  6. saint paulie says:

    this is great but cane you tell me how to import the ai file into a project
    im currently working on ,, for example say i want to extrude cut a symbol i
    made in illustrator on a part i have open ,,thanks?

  7. Bya S. says:

    thks for video, was very helpful :)?

  8. Leon Maryasin says:

    thank you very much . helpful , saved me alot of time?

  9. Baki says:

    welche font is des ?

  10. Baki says:

    wich font has the logo?

  11. Erik Tribelhorn says:

    I did this… Very helpful. What i need to do now is open that dxf file as
    a sketch in an existing part so I can warp it onto a curved surface…. can
    you help me?

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