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Justin Bieber goes out to dinner in Paris with Kendall Jenner! But isn’t he in a relationship with Selena Gomez? Watch the video for yourself! ? BETHANY MOTA’S PERFECT PERFORMANCE…

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  1. Sana Masoud says:

    Maybe Justin and Selena are just really good friends

    Have u ever thought of that ?!
    I’m sick of all this Jelena thing ….. but I still want to know what’s
    going on with them XD?

  2. Cameron Phillips says:

    I’m beyond over Justin drama…?

  3. Kaitiebug says:

    Omg first comment and like and 4th view!?

  4. BeccaBrooks says:

    I think that they’re just friends but you have to admit justin and kendall
    would be a hot couple?

  5. Angel Wincek says:

    Selena should move on… Justin just a douche bag?

  6. Jodie Temlett says:

    I’m sorry but I hate kendall Jenner?

  7. Jessica Maria says:

    Yes thank u for saying just friends at the end. Just because he’s seen with
    kendall doesn’t mean they’re dating?

  8. ezrathegreat8 says:

    Well, he had sex with Kylie why not Kendall.?

  9. Sana Meshari says:

    I Know the person who filmed them on instagram, she said they were chatting
    about work! lol what the heck is wrong with these people get a life ! ?

  10. Anhthu Tran says:

    #jendall <3
    Thumbs up if you're
    in the 301 club! Can
    anybody plz subscribe??

  11. Jazmin Morones says:

    Man i hate justin bieber! ?

  12. Grace Ann says:

    What i don’t get is why can’t people be JUST FRIENDS ?

  13. sana Hemmings says:

    You have to make a video about the guy who proposed to his girlfirend at a
    one direction concert ?

  14. Arielv133 333 says:

    Wait, so Justin and Selen broke up again??

  15. elisa flores says:


  16. hanna af says:

    that so called “swing” and “restraining” had me at loss for words he was
    obviously just putting his hand forward….. i mean who would actually take
    that as a punch? his body guards have grabbed him like that a lot of times
    to manage to get him out of the chaos in a safe way. dumb and thirsty
    people everywhere ?

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