Icons: Mark Cuban

Icons: Mark Cuban

Season 3 episode 15 of G4/TechTV’s now-cancelled Icons. Icons originally ran from May 1st, 2002-2006 I’m not certain about the copyright details since this s…
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3 Responses to “Icons: Mark Cuban”

  1. koolaid28 says:

    when isn’t he smiling?? LOL I’m happy for Cuban. deserves his success?

  2. freakjob0 says:

    Thanks for uploading this. I remember watching this series on G4.

  3. MR.X says:

    5:30 In every interview, all Mark says, he had a blast…you’ll never
    know..” Regarding his millions when he sold. Him and his partner admitted
    they went to Vegas and gambled like rock stars. I think they also went to
    the Bunny Ranch and got hookers. I think that’s why he doesn’t get
    specific. They probably got hookers. I probably would.

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