Icons: Cech, Clarke and Webb (part one)

Chelsea TV’s Icons series returns this evening as Petr Cech, Steve Clarke and David Webb join in an in-depth debate on a variety of football topics. Part one…
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25 Responses to “Icons: Cech, Clarke and Webb (part one)”

  1. Uju Mbaike says:

    Does’nt Cech looks like Kalas.? ?

  2. carlusmartin says:

    Chelsea HEEELP i need a yellow jersey goalkeeper 1 cech how i find??

  3. ??????? ??????? says:

    I thought they invited Howard Webb … ?

  4. thneedguy says:

    cech’s english is perfect ?

  5. Ali Morad says:

    Keep it up. Finally, some longer videos :D?

  6. Grnvolpe says:

    It feels like I’m paying for Premium Chelsea TV?

  7. Johannes Thörn says:

    Did I pay for this video??

  8. DreamChaser1366 says:

    Whoa whoa…Wayyy to long, I need to put this video into my Watch Later
    category ?

  9. Preetam Sikdar says:

    2:42 :O
    Chelsea TV just got free on YouTube!?

  10. DoPeGaMeR111 says:


  11. Mohamin cfc says:

    ok… that video felt like 20 minute :o?

  12. Jason Matthew says:

    Legends .. Including Cech ?

  13. wendys gomez says:

    petr <3 <3 <3 venezuela :P?

  14. Eklim Rahman says:

    Cech sounds like a boss?

  15. arfan ali says:

    peter bonneti in strike could of done with him this season?

  16. Drew McCyrus says:

    Chelsea youtube channel are you feeling sick? Video longer than 2 minutes?!?

  17. Renta Hotma says:

    FINALLY!! OMG! Vid longer than 2 minute! Thanks to who ever in Chelsea TV
    producer that make this happened 😛 ?

  18. KING LEO says:

    Steve clarke is an excellent manager … would love for him 2 be a coach
    for chelsea but hes 2 big for that because he deserves a good job unlike
    that shitty underserving west brom job?

  19. STARFILMESify says:

    Chelsea Footbaall Club.?

  20. Kevin Worang says:

    2 minutes video! World is going to end anytime soon.?

  21. Paras Patel says:
  22. Sp3ctrumTargetz says:

    finally, an upload longer than 2 minutes?

  23. Deidara Senpai says:

    Goalkeeper of the season: Petr Cech?

  24. Charles Oliver says:

    2 videos over 2 minutes. This is new! ?

  25. Jesus Gonzalez says:

    A 3 minute video? This is madness!?

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