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During the quarter, revenues totaled 121,242 million yen, increasing by 18.6% from the same period the previous year. Pre-tax profit for the quarter was 34,256 million yen, while profit for this quarter was 27,323 million yen, both of which marked gains of 114.5% and 113.9%, respectively. Profit attributable to owners of the company stood at 27,150 million yen, an increase of 113.3% compared to the same quarter in the previous year. During the quarter, sales of products for smartphones and tablet PCs as well as sales of glass disks for HDDs performed well in the Information Technology segment, but sales of digital camera related products continued to perform weakly. Meanwhile in the Life Care segment, we significantly increased sales in the eyeglass lens business in overseas markets and through inclusion of Seiko Optical Products, a sales company of SEIKO eye wear, as a consolidated subsidiary. The retail contact lens business in Japan experienced last-minute demand up until March and a downward reversal beginning in April due to the April 1 hike in the consumption tax rate, thus resulting a year-on-year drop in earnings. The endoscope business performed robustly primarily in Asia. For the six months ended September 30, 2014, revenues totaled 234,314 million yen, and pre-tax profit was 56,700 million yen, both of which increased 15.6% and 57.1% respectively. Profit for the term increased 80.4% to 45,285 million yen, and profit attributable to owners of the company was up 79.6% to 44,948 million yen compared to the same quarter in the previous year. “The profit for this quarter exceeded our expectation due primarily to solid result of the Information Technology segment, said Hiroshi Suzuki, chief executive officer of HOYA. We see that this trend will persist for a while. This quarter our measures of swift restructuring in the Information Technology segment bore fruit, commented Eiichiro Ikeda, chief operating officer, Information Technology. We will drive growth in areas where there are opportunities amid overall shrinking markets. HOYA also announced the interim dividends of 30 yen per share of common stock.
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