[HowTo] Update Flash Whitelist on Windows RT to view Flash on Any Site [wrtapps.com]

http://www.wrtapps.com presents this how to tutorial on how to update your flash whitelist so you can view flash on any website on Windows RT. Guide: http://…

Watch in Higher Quality: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x01hutwPSzI&fmt=18 In this video I show you how to make an image reflect using a program called Adobe…
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20 Responses to “[HowTo] Update Flash Whitelist on Windows RT to view Flash on Any Site [wrtapps.com]”

  1. Sabah Mahal says:

    Do u have a update?:/ before the update it’s work perfectly but after the
    update when i do this again i cant change anything:/ :(?

  2. Shea Holmes says:

    I just want to update adobe!!! This is so complicated and u have to dit for
    every site. I have windows 8.1 and can get on to half of the websites I
    usually go on. Ive looked up everything, I just need to update adobe, how
    do I do that with window surface rt 8.1!?!??

  3. Liam Henderson says:

    I can’t watch videos by frankonpc but can watch dis? Can I get some help

  4. Louieee90 says:

    i am on my tablet right now but when i type in “” and click find on
    the notepad it comes out with a message that says “cannot find
    ” any
    suggestions towards that ??

  5. Richard Couillard says:

    That is a lot of work to go to a flash site.

  6. Q Abd says:

    I have the same question!! It happens to me too.. Please help..

  7. Windows RT Review says:

    I just tried happy wheels on gamepuma.com, it ran alright, acceptable and
    playable, but not 60fps more like 20-25fps.

  8. t8keit2dahead says:

    Good vid

  9. garemic says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you so much!!!! Very very helpful Thank you ^^

  10. maarte997 says:

    Did you allready tried it? I’d like to buy one but need to know if it works.

  11. Windows RT Review says:

    If you notice on that site each video has a different “host”, you might
    have to add those hosts to the flash whitelist as well. I’m not sure if it
    works though I’ll try it out.

  12. Abby Scott says:

    Ok so what do I do now?

  13. Abby Scott says:

    I did everything that you said to do and when I got the whitelist it
    brought it up through the internet and I couldn’t press add or anything
    like that. If you can help me please do

  14. speded09 says:

    Thanks I was wondering.

  15. jay see says:

    so i have to do this to every single website? Is their any other thing i
    can do so all the websites the have flash video works automatically?

  16. Windows RT Review says:

    The good news is that the flash whitelist is no longer being used with the
    latest update! So no need for these shenanigans anymore.

  17. baybeecinnamon says:

    I have the lastest version of windows rt… but some of my website still
    seems to not be functioning and i cant edit my white list that way so what
    can I do ?

  18. shahbaz mohammad says:

    I did exactly what you showed on your video and I still couldn’t watch
    flash videos on the webb site. Plz plz plz plz help

  19. teo huynh says:

    thank you for this demonstration. It worked well for me but for some reason
    I have to keep going back in couple of days to add the website again. Do
    you have any suggestion for it to stay there permanent? thanks

  20. notsofunnytv98 says:

    Thank you. 🙂

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