HOWTO: Basic Video Editing (Premiere CS5)

HOWTO: Basic Video Editing (Premiere CS5)

I show you guys the basics of editing some videos, music, and still images together to create something cool. Hope you can all go out there and do something …
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In this Photoshop Tutorial, learn how to change or replace a photos original background with one of your choice! Photo of man:…
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36 Responses to “HOWTO: Basic Video Editing (Premiere CS5)”

  1. YABOOKSandKPOP says:

    I can’t get any sound from importing a clip ?

  2. TVCastleAlways says:

    i love how you speak this is the first youtube tutorial i happily listening
    to all way through with out getting bored or distracted. great work! ?

  3. TheRealKoala says:

    Is this programm free??

  4. Felix Mallaby-Kay says:

    Great tutorial, thanks man. I’m glad you skipped through parts of the
    editing, other videos are annoying when you have to watch people go through
    all these unrelated steps.?

  5. Modesto Perera says:

    This was awesome, going to save this as reference. You don’t stretch your
    explanations making learning quick and easy.?

  6. Betty-Fonda Williams says:

    Great video editing help with Adobe Suites Premiere Pro and it works with
    CS6. Thank you!!!!!!! I’m still learning and guess didn’t learn these
    helpful techniques in college…wow. ?

  7. ThatRandomJazz says:

    Dude, I think I love you. lol You went through this so fast, but I learned
    things from this video that I don’t remember seeing even from Adobe’s
    tutorials. Thanks man!?

  8. Zampther says:

    Next time your making a tuorital make a skript first…….this was anoying
    to watch.?

  9. Kham Thang says:

    I am very interesting in editing video and I don’t where can I get adobe cs
    5 Please tell where I can buy or how much the price.?

  10. PeppaFreeman says:

    Hello I’m sorry about two of the same comments my Google Account trying me

  11. Brad Case says:

    working a project where I have 3 video clips stacked one on top of the
    other. Video track one is a still pic. video 2 is a title. video 3 is
    another title. when I start to play the slide show. the first pic stays on
    the screen as the slide show progresses from one pic to the next. If I stop
    the slide show the correct/current pic appears. however once re-started
    from that point. that pic remains as did the first. I have rendered each
    track separately, but that did not resolve the issue. can you help to make
    the slide show fade from one pic the next as it should. ?

  12. Moses Lawrence says:

    Nice tut, CS5 Premiere is my favorite Video Edition software, i don’t like
    the newer Premiere Pro CC?

  13. Grace Gonhya rea says:

    what program do we need to use ?

  14. ReaperOfSouls1X says:

    nice video where dd get the video editor?

  15. Kham Thang says:

    Can you also give me your phone number so that I can ask some question
    about the software?.?

  16. Mitch Springer says:

    Great stuff man. You make the program look a little less intimidating.?

  17. shobhik Chakraborty says:

    which is the best software for video editing..?

  18. Dan Patterson says:

    Great vid. Whats the most efficient way to cut one video into several for
    editing? Sorry, totally new to this.?

  19. viewer1985 says:

    i wish i have more IQ like everyone else to understand this. ?

  20. Ob3y 0r r3kT says:

    Hey men. about what you said about having trouble of adjusting the
    shadows.. there’s still way u can make it by using “selecting tool” or
    pressing W then select the shadows.. I’ve followed and finished ur tutorial
    so easy w/o problem.. By the way im still a newbie XDDDDD?

  21. aishi landasan says:

    thank you God bless you?

  22. Millard Jeremiah says:

    I have watched countless videos and have followed step by step in every one
    of them and i cannot for the life of me get the pic i want on top of the
    other pic, does it have to be a jpeg i shot for the background. I was
    trying to do humor and impose one of my pics on the background of an atom

  23. sheryl sayson says:

    Thank you gonna try this.?

  24. mosin sekh says:
  25. raheel aslam says:

    to sent a link of this?

  26. internet champ says:

    really good, thanks?

  27. Khem Lee says:

    please zoom it out coz we cant see whats the step of your
    method,,,,,,,,,,,,,we cant get what you want to be meant?

  28. Aimqail says:

    more tutorials please, i really watch them all and learning new stuff!

  29. James Rock says:

    I have a photoshop elements 11 is this one works too?

  30. Baldoxxx4000 says:

    wth is wrong with his chin…

  31. cavo ze says:


  32. Edelweiss Photos says:

    Nice. Looking forward to shadow tutorial.

  33. Justthisgood says:

    Thank you!

  34. NitroLandTutorials says:

    just double click on the locked layer, then a window should pop up. change
    the name if you want or keep it as the default name. hit ok, then it should
    work….I also have a channel and I give awesome tips, tricks, and
    tutorials in FULL 1080p HD. It’d make me SUPER happy if you checked it out!

  35. Sujan Giri says:

    fucking blur

  36. Justthisgood says:

    thank you

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