How to Use Google Chromecast: Full Setup and Demonstration

How to Use Google Chromecast: Full Setup and Demonstration

BUY GOOGLE CHROMECAST: In today’s video I will show you guys a complete step-by-step guide on how to setup and use Google Chromecast to …
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14 Responses to “How to Use Google Chromecast: Full Setup and Demonstration”

  1. DeathAdder83 says:

    I’m 4 and a half minutes in and there is no way in hell my Mom would be
    able to figure this out, time to continue XMAS shopping!?

  2. Mee says:

    So my chrome cast is literally right next to the wifi, upon installing it
    says “Wifi needs to be turned on to work” . wtf…?

  3. Joshua Okulski says:

    Ugh so lame , I’d say just get hdmi phone to tv cord with pin adapter it’s
    like 20 bucks and it mirrors what’s on phone none of this wifi setup or
    nonsense and you have complete access with just your phone ?

  4. Seliece Duckwitz says:

    For once a clean, clear, and concise tutorial without a bunch of
    “stuttering and hmmm, ohh, yea, ok now’s I see what….oh wait, you gotta
    do this first…oh wait, or was it last”. LMAO I think you get the picture
    or idea. Anyway job well done Saki. Thank You?

  5. Wild Heart says:

    Probably a silly question, but I’m assuming that this works as well with
    Desktop P.C.s with a WiFi set up, too?
    I already have an HDMI connection between my P.C. and the T.V. which allows
    me to drag and drop programmes I am streaming to the T.V. as a 2nd monitor.
    However, watching programmes on Google Play T.V. is very glitchy, unlike
    others and they advised me to go down the Chromecast route, as a “cure!”
    I’d hate to buy it and find out that it does bugger all! :O))?

  6. Jake Preciado says:

    Can i plug it in the hdmi 3 slot??

  7. skilo1983 says:

    POS, The only good streaming box is the Roku, Everything else has a walled

  8. Leah Gradstein says:

    What app can I use to get on Google while connected to the chrome cast?

  9. Ironhawk says:

    A lot harder than expected. Google needs to get their shit together. ?

  10. WellAnywayyz says:

    Or just buy a Smart Tv Lolz?

  11. Wesley95501 says:

    I think I’ve got the wrong TV for this, my TV is all black. Plug it on the
    HDMI 4 input and nothing. ?

  12. RG Field says:

    Thanks! Saved me a lot of time & frustration. ?

  13. lilduckidiva says:

    I set it up to my phone first and o can’t get it to a setup screen to set
    up my computer can I use all my devices to connect to this thing or only
    one? And how do I do that ?

  14. cbdawgpound says:

    more trouble than it’s worth.?

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