How To Use Color Replacement Tool In Adobe Photoshop CS3

How To Use Color Replacement Tool In Adobe Photoshop CS3 – A simple Adobe Photoshop video tutorial on how to use the color replacement tool, this is an amazing tool and can change the …
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17 Responses to “How To Use Color Replacement Tool In Adobe Photoshop CS3”

  1. Tiago Seiler says:

    That’s exactly what I’m trying to do and I’m having the same problem…

  2. stolle says:

    If want to color something white, it dosen’t work so well, it gets greyish
    color look, any advices?

  3. Ali Baba says:

    Hey IKmatli2010, thanks for your email. Where did you download it from.
    Adobe is the best place to get it, you will beable to download the thirty
    day trial and it will be the full version. Let me know how you get on Ali

  4. Ali Baba says:

    Maybe worth trying hue and saturation instead. Sometimes this technique
    works. Let me know how you get on.

  5. asji1000 says:

    no dear i downloaded and now i want to install but it did not installing it
    show that error adobe photoshop cs3 component install failed share
    component insall failed i think it is corrupt software

  6. Mostafa Ragab says:


  7. TheChristianOPM says:

    It doesn’t work well if the color you are changing is black. Any tips?

  8. Mit Tressler says:

    Thanks so much! Lovely models- they did a fine job also. 🙂

  9. Ali Baba says:

    Hey IKmatli2010, CS4 is good yeh, i hear they are coming out if not already
    come out with CS5. Ali

  10. rocheuro says:

    thanks 🙂 very nice tutorial, I knew most of options but I now consider
    using colour replacement brush in luminosity mode as it may be useful

  11. IKmatli2010 says:

    dear i downloaded from vuze downloader but u r right saying i have account
    in adobe but i need adobe photoshop cs3 but it give me adobe photoshop cs4
    is it good than cs3

  12. persia1001 says:

    tnx alot for your tut!! it was rly helpful 😉

  13. Nawaz Khan says:

    ali baba ? nice name

  14. Ali Baba says:

    Hey coltscomputers, are you using it on the same image or a different one,
    sometimes the effect that worked on one does not work on another because of
    different colors. Another technique would be to paint over the selection
    with the brush tool on a new layer and then change the blending mode of
    that layer to something like overlay. Let me know how you get on Ali

  15. Ray Selaner says:

    is it not working in black and white color?

  16. Nikik says:

    I had a question, the video is very helpful! but I have a picture with a
    blue-aqua background and I want to just change to white, and when I select
    white as the color to replace it with, it changes to grey. How can turn my
    background white? Thank you 🙂

  17. coltscomputers says:

    If I using the tool on a dark brown color it replaces it the way I want
    it. If I use it over a light brown color the resulting color if the very
    light “hazy” color. How do I get it where the light brown is replaced the
    same way the dark brown is?

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