How To Update or Install Adobe Flash – Windows 7 This is a new tutorial for updating or installing Adobe Flash. Google Chrome now includes its own Flash player so if you use Interne…

If you don’t have Magic Lantern you can not turn of the agc gain with some of the Canon cameras. I can not stand that hissing noise. You also get hissing noi…

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  1. wayne Peterson says:

    Well the reason for updating flash is because videos(like this one) are not

  2. alex baylon says:

    this is real??

  3. dissie322 says:

    this shows how to get adobe flash player to work on browser not computer,
    any one know how to make it work so you can play flash files saved on

  4. lewan gillard says:

    Thank you sooooo much =D?

  5. GRTx12 says:

    what does shock wave do?

  6. Jkhuzz96 says:

    hey what happens if you are using mozzila firefox

  7. Hassan Raza - Filmmaker says:

    I was having a lot of difficulty removing background noise and this video
    helped me a lot. Thanks. However, once I have removed the BG noise using
    this process, the dialogue of my actors becomes very tinted. The dialogue
    seems to have an echo to it. Could you please advise me on how to correct
    this issue. Many Thanks!?

  8. Lisa Tanaka says:

    Finally a video that actually helps. So clear and easy to understand!
    Thanks so much!!?

  9. krod2810films says:

    Omg thank you!!! You saved me ?

  10. Wangcars says:

    he looks like the kinda guy that would have a ponytail?

  11. ocubex says:

    Hey Dude, thanks for sharing this. I usually clean audio in Audition but
    need a solution for quick turnaround jobs, this is a life saver! thanks

  12. SoFloAPO says:

    Thanks for sharing brotha. I like how u started it out too… Thanks
    again. ?

  13. Media Unlocked says:

    Glad to hear:)

  14. Media Unlocked says:


  15. Karan Kapoor says:

    cudnt find much difference

  16. Media Unlocked says:

    I am happy to help

  17. Media Unlocked says:

    happy to help

  18. Media Unlocked says:

    happy to help

  19. Video Business Cards says:

    Thanks, but could you do the same in Sony Vegas?

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