How to Sync Video and Audio in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Today I show you how to easily sync up audio and video in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Follow me on Twitter: My Subreddit page:…
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Purely a test of the Warp Stabilizer Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. The takeaway from this is that certain motions and drastic movements will result in waves when the effect tries to compensate…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

11 Responses to “How to Sync Video and Audio in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6”

  1. Self Made in 2014 says:

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  2. SquareBunny says:

    By a some reason in my case the “synhronize” button is grayed out. I select
    video and audio track, but it just won’t let me use sync feature…?

  3. Mr.GamerDude says:

    I need help when i put the markers down with the same name i go to
    synchronize but it does not allow me to click the marker button

  4. xTitan says:

    Help just the game audio is out of sync with the video?

  5. Dave Simkus says:

    Could you make a tutorial on how to fix audio being out of sync? Every time
    I import any video and preview it to choose the ins and outs, I notice the
    audio is completely out of sync. Really annoying.?

  6. F Jain says:

    how did you zoom into the audio?

  7. Eric Booth says:

    New video is up. How to sync video and audio up in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.?

  8. musabhamid118 says:

    What camera did you use for this video?

  9. John Jones says:

    Wow stunning!?

  10. 7speed says:

    dude i love the color grading you did on your footage. was that a preset or
    your own coloring ? looks damn fantastic bro.?

  11. pstchaseki says:

    yikes there seems to be quite a bit rolling shutter thing going on when the
    plugin is in use?

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