How to Solve Adobe flash player plugin crashed in Mozilla Firefox

When Watching any video on mozilla firefox sometime browser windows shows flash player plugin has been crashed so Check how to solve adobe flash player plugi…
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13 Responses to “How to Solve Adobe flash player plugin crashed in Mozilla Firefox”

  1. alex p.w says:

    well… i think you shouldn’t update flash player use the older one 11 or
    12 still 100% works and when it started asking to update just ignore it
    your video will still playing if not update it uninstall it and keep instal
    flash player 11 or 12. keep complaining to adobe and wait for the flash
    player 15 the upgrade one.?

  2. Cassletas says:

    I couldn’t watch this video because my plugin crashed?

  3. suscribe power says:

    How to fix it:
    1-Go to this site

    2-?f you see apps that must be updated update them

    3-Restart mozilla firefox

    4-Watch any video you want?

  4. Brunn0121 says:

    whan is wrong with you? hahahahah?

  5. ToxicPlague Davis says:

    What about a partial English version at least lol?

  6. Ray Dan Cosca says:

    Man im not joking but you must consult to a doctor you might have a
    breathing problem ?

  7. Robert Dambeck says:

    Very helpful thanks?

  8. SeepMan Productions says:

    I can’t even watch this because it crashed?

  9. Khady?ta Pal says:

    People, you can watch this in any other browser untill you solve the
    problem. Anyway, update is not solution to this. It’s still crashed.?

  10. TomsandchucksMedia says:

    oh the irony…?

  11. Pajdo Koman says:

    finger up if you cant watch it ^_^?

  12. PhukIT1865 says:

    haha I was watching this and it crashed?

  13. rashomon66 says:

    Hilarious. I can’t watch this because my plugin has crashed!?

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