How to Sharpen a Knife on a Wet Stone – How to Get an Extremely Sharp Knife

How to sharpen a knife on a wet stone – how to get an extremely sharp knife Buy a Wet-Stone : Learn how to sharpen a Japanese…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

31 Responses to “How to Sharpen a Knife on a Wet Stone – How to Get an Extremely Sharp Knife”

  1. Bruce Kersman says:

    EXCELLENT !!! thanks for sharing!! I never sharpened knives or scissors
    this way but I’m always learning; thanks again!!?

  2. Max Savino says:

    The stone he bought is decent, but if it is the stone the link takes you
    to, the Wustof stone, it is very over priced. Shun, and wustof and all
    those are just made by bester or imi, king, and are the same things, but
    twice the price because they say shun on them, just FYI.?

  3. HydraPro101 says:

    Can you do this with any type if knife??

  4. thefoolzmartyr says:

    May I humbly ask why in the World are you trolling this gentleman who
    graciously shared his knowledge and experience upon sharpening an edge with
    the specifics of whet to wet? Maybe he made an error, still he provided a
    sure method upon sharpening a fine blade. I do thank you MakeSushi. The vid
    was very informative to an outside observer who had not known the basic
    foundation of using a sharpening stone aside from the motions. Keep up the
    good work and never let the trolls treat you as sheep .?

  5. noyzizi says:

    This motherfucker just spent an hour sharpening a damn knife!?

  6. Kevin Flores says:

    can I sharpen a stainless $30 dagger made in China? lol. Or those letter
    opener Samurai Swords which are or labeled stainless? Those are the dull

  7. CSharp says:

    All water stones are whetstones, but not all whetstones are water stones.
    And there are no wet stones, except for water stones when they’ve been
    soaked in water, which makes them wet whetstones. “whet”= to sharpen “wet”
    just means…wet.?

  8. DreadNawght says:

    the thumbnail looked like how to sharpen a blade on an iphone?

  9. Jarred Mack says:

    I am currently in Japan. Where can I buy good knives??

  10. sealand000 says:

    What if your leveling stone is not level? Then you’re ruined your

  11. MrBenski81 says:

    “It’s Not the stone that grinds down the metal, but this metallic residue”.
    What a load of bullshit mate.
    The “metallic residue”, acts as a barrier between the blade and stone,
    effectively reducing the coarseness and in turn helping to polish the
    cutting edge.
    Wash away this “metallic residue”, and your stone will grind your blade
    away much faster!?

  12. Guy Cruls says:

    very informative video and fair humour from the host. thank you. you
    possibly took the mick when you said that it’s called a ‘wet stone’ because
    it’s wet. in the unlikely case that were serious, first it is spelled
    ‘whet’, not ‘wet’, and second, ‘whet’ comes from the old english whettan,
    cognate with whaet sharp; German wetzen. in a nutshell whetstone =
    sharpening stone. not wet stone. having said that, thanks again for a very
    good tutorial. and, er, all trolls should be impaled. ?

  13. steve cannon says:

    It is actually a whetstone, not a wet stone.?

  14. David Chapman says:

    Try detonation films. Google it.

  15. David Chapman says:

    I think its by a company called the foundary. Type in foundary kelight into
    google and im sure somthing will come up

  16. David Chapman says:

    Yet… There was a yet :). Ok, what don’t you understand about keylight?

  17. Komadin says:

    You went a bit to fast on the keylight part… So far great tutorial, but
    until i understand this keylight stuff you arent the coolest yet.. lol

  18. Komadin says:

    Are you serious?! Thank you so much. I dont know, Ive always wanted to
    learn how to do the light saber stuff or make myself turn invisible.. Or
    fly 😀 If you cant do any of those, dont worry about it.

  19. Dylan says:

    when my explosion (from action essentials) is above my footage, i dont see
    it at all. all i see is my original footage, no explosion at all

  20. David Chapman says:

    Try going to file>Import>import footage(something like that) then locate
    your explosion footage that way.

  21. vegasskating says:

    I don’t understand where the explosion mov files came from… Did you
    download them? Because when I hit browse they do not appear.

  22. Komadin says:

    Yea well, I looked through your videos, and you have a whole lot of videos
    and tuts. I have one question, if I have a green screen, we basically do
    the exact same thing like in this tut but instead of black we make it green

  23. MackaliMesut says:

    Thx for helping me out, check the result:P It’s not perfect it misses some
    extra effects but it’s my first time.

  24. lildannyz90 says:

    where can i donwload a moving explosion

  25. David Chapman says:

    Thank you, any tutorial requests? I’m going to use a better external mic.

  26. Matthew Caraway says:

    Just search action essentials 2 free download

  27. David Chapman says:

    Yes, using keylight. Instead of black which dosen’t work in keylight. Use
    green. That’ll work really well.

  28. David Chapman says:

    Thanks. Any sugestions? For a new tutorial. I’ll be happy to make one
    within a few days for you.

  29. Bladezki says:

    how do you get keylight?

  30. Matthew Caraway says:

    Action Essentials 2 has better explosions but cost money or u CAN get it
    for free no trial!!!

  31. David Chapman says:

    Yes, sorry i thought i made this clear. You have to buy the explosions.
    These came rom a lovley product from the site videocopilot and there lovley
    product action movie assentails. You may want to search around the internet
    for some free explosions. Try detonationfilms Under there free secction

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