How to save your project as a PNG file on Adobe Illustrator CS5

This video tells you how to save your Illustrator project as a vector formed png file. Hope it helps. Please subscribe!

I hope this tutorial helps out a lot! Check out the artist!

33 Responses to “How to save your project as a PNG file on Adobe Illustrator CS5”

  1. MrLangam says:

    Lol. 10-30 seconds worth of instruction done in a shit load of time.?

  2. Kendra Rose says:

    Thank you!?

  3. Ron Jon says:

    THank you for your help. Much appreciated. ?

  4. Mylo says:

    You could’ve done this in 1 minute instead of 4.5?

  5. Patrick Wijaya says:

    Thanks (y)?

  6. Jake Panovski says:

    Yup, helps my men! Thank you very very much!!!?

  7. fadznation says:

    thanks. awesome?

  8. Dean Johnson says:

    Thanks, great example.

  9. Turquoise Gibson says:

    Super Easy! Thx!

  10. MLPvipiao says:

    I see the png saves the figure on the screen, but not the artboard. how do
    I make the png only save the objects inside the artboard?

  11. Shri Kots says:

    very helpfull.Thanks

  12. Febri Valentino says:

    thanks bro

  13. Renu Verma says:

    I think you could make it bit more clear..How we can save images for a
    white background

  14. TheMMGaming says:

    been waiting two years ?

  15. paperzombie1 says:

    After Effects cuts my song off at 30 seconds, help??

  16. Matt Myers says:

    Thanks man!?

  17. Leo Dark says:

    thx !?

  18. Charlie Bennett says:

    My audio/music doesn’t play all the way through! How do I fix this???? ๐Ÿ™
    It just stops at 30 seconds!?

  19. OGDIALZ says:

    still didn’t work ?

  20. Lyle B says:

    Simple, straight forward and not convoluted like a lot of other tut vids.
    Good job. Thanks Tony. ?

  21. Art?rs Ziedi?ลก says:

    Helped me a lot man, THANKS!?

  22. Vinny Honda says:

    I am Dumb and Thanks!?

  23. Ascar as says:

    It is not that, other people (like me) had sound problem too, but it wasnt
    mute button. I saw in other video to go
    Edit->Templates->Output models..-> Than u choose lossness, push Edit. And
    on the bottom of new tab, u have empty space for AUDIO OUTPUT.
    Than sound will work.?

  24. TheBankumann says:

    lol… The pick up your trash song, Thanks it worked C:?

  25. Krystena Lee says:

    to play music as you scrub through your animation hold down command on a
    mac. I think you need to hold ctrl on a PC?

  26. malin pradeep says:

    i was apply sound clip but not working ???

  27. Jordan Chesney says:


  28. Ana Luiza says:


  29. OfficialDJTKMusic says:

    Thanks bro that helped me?

  30. SoaR inky says:

    thanks man
    big help trying to make montages for my clan thank you

  31. Mayur Shelar says:

    Hey thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ so much simple and helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Kryqh // Editor says:

    um when i render out a call of duty clip the sniper shoots before it does
    in the game can someone help me please!?

  33. Darth Tribal says:

    Still won’t play the audio. Help??

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