How to Remove Audio in Adobe Premiere Pro

How to Remove Audio in Adobe Premiere Pro

My website: In this video, I explain how to delete sound from video clips in Adobe Premiere Pro. If you have any questions…

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  1. culturevulture805 says:

    no. it didnt help. how do i keep part audio and mute another??

  2. Ravshan Alirzaev says:

    Dude, thanks. Very helpful?

  3. shethewriter says:

    Thanks! Very helpful. ?

  4. Head2Head says:

    It helped thank you!?

  5. Ryan Ng says:

    that helped, thank you!?

  6. Rin Sensei says:

    thank you !!!?

  7. LoveTheSonic says:

    Is it possible to remove the audio from an MP4 video? I imported it into a
    new project and I accidentally had the wrong audio in it when I exported

  8. Oliver Szobonya says:


  9. Marcus Zaua says:

    thnk you so much?

  10. Mya Lewis says:


  11. tamzgaming says:

    thanks buddy?

  12. Luggstern says:

    nice thanks.?

  13. Mariah Peterson says:

    very clear and to the point! thank you!?

  14. Kathryn Christensen says:

    I spent twenty minutes trying to figure this out on my own. Thanks for the
    concise and clear tutorial.?

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