How To Put GIFs on Your About Me [Quotev] TipCam Recording.
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This is a concept that allows you to import GIFs, animations and videos into Minecraft. No mods, resource packs, or tools are needed to play the animation. W…

30 Responses to “How To Put GIFs on Your About Me [Quotev]”

  1. angelrock936 says:

    All mine keeps doing is saying [200]?

  2. Ruby Rose says:

    i followed this and did both way, but when ever i saved it on my about me
    it came out as just a link ?

  3. Tiny Soda says:

    What’s your quotev account??

  4. Maymuna shehzad says:

    thank you soo much it worked?

  5. Jimbles Notronbo says:

    not to be annoying but first of all their called Gif.s not gifts second…
    why u steal from tumblr and not make your own third I friggin love your

  6. Mya Negron says:

    This helped a lot !?

  7. Grace McKittrick says:

    i dont have a PC?

  8. dragonrider235 says:

    Thank you for the help!:)?

  9. Roderich Edelstein says:

    I love your mochi cursor <3

  10. MoyaNicole says:

    Just save it multiple times, I get the same on mine :/

  11. Isis Love says:

    You know how on some people’s About Me, you can scroll over a word, and a
    picture or gif pops up? How do you do that? It’s alright if you don’t know.

  12. Maria Esipova says:

    you need to write a word then link it to the pic/gif using the little world

  13. sk8tergurlsandsinger says:

    ur meh new friend

  14. Megan MacDonald says:

    THANK YOU! I needed to put a pic of America and some others on there…

  15. Nana johnney'sdirectioner says:

    when I saw this for like 1minute I was like ohhh I get it!! I didn’t do
    copy the URL link that’s why the gif which was supposed to move didn’t
    move!! lol, well, thanks!!! I’ve hopefully made a wonderful about me

  16. wafflezrtasty says:

    @KellysAmazingvideos Omfg, you’re frickin awesome!

  17. Tom Son says:

    Amazing like like like?

  18. Maizuma Games says:

    Round and round and round and …. :-]?

  19. The Captain of the World says:

    Wow I did this 3 months ago and got no credit. Copy cat?
    TV in MineCraft 1.8 ?

  20. thijs gielen says:

    Your the best mc command blocker all time :DDDD?

  21. Ignacio Vicencio says:

    Amazing! Good Job NM!?

  22. Pixel Fruit says:

    Oh my! That’s… That’s… just WOW!?

  23. Two Brothers Minecraft says:

    This is just begging for an Mc EDIT filter XD?

  24. Starwarswii says:

    Someone should totally make a MCEdit filter to do this automatically!?

  25. Link Pie says:

    Make a filter for it plz!?

  26. NiceMarkMC says:

    GIFs and Videos in Minecraft #minecraft #redstone #commandblock?

  27. RedstoneDude77 says:

    would you be able to make this easier with the new /entitydata command??

  28. 8000Mason says:

    You sound like JanAnimations :)?

  29. nuropsych1 says:

    Brilliant. ?

  30. dminer78 says:

    Almost like Seth’s but with more colors, and no teleporting of the player!!

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