How to Process a RAW Image File in Adobe Lightroom 4 – Short Version

How to Process a RAW Image File in Adobe Lightroom 4 - Short Version

“How to Process a RAW Image File in Adobe Lightroom 4” – Short Version Now that we’re trying RAW, we have to figure out what to do with these files. Here’s a…

20 Responses to “How to Process a RAW Image File in Adobe Lightroom 4 – Short Version”

  1. Spyros Heniadis says:

    +BxSQUIRREL, what camera are you using, and are you on a PC or a mac??

  2. Spyros Heniadis says:

    Che Le, thank you! Glad you enjoy the videos.?

  3. Evan and Rachel in Korea says:

    Right on! Great quick tutorial. ?

  4. Mario Guimarães says:

    Great tutorial!! I’m starting photograph with a DSLR now and It’ll a great
    help for me. thanks.?

  5. janithemani says:

    Hi Guys! I have a question, to what difference/depth can a RAW image be
    processed in comparison with JPEG? Are there more functions available when
    processing RAW? Thanks for the info :)?

  6. Robert Thomas says:

    I read in a photography book recently that some photographers use auto
    white balance in their camera when shooting in Raw because they can fine
    tune the white balance later in post production ( using lightroom or
    photoshop ) Do you recommend doing that?
    Robert ?

  7. Muaathe Aziz says:

    very useful , I think this file has been taken by Nikon ?

  8. Robert Thomas says:

    I enjoyed your video. I`ve decided to get lightroom because I want to start
    shooting in raw and I want to edit my images properly. Please keep these
    videos coming.
    If I have any questions can I contact you via your web site?

  9. Anastasia Berger says:

    <3 v helpful?

  10. Bekhruz Khazratov says:

    Thank you for the video! Very helpful! Short and sweet!?

  11. BxSQUIRREL says:

    Hey spyro or anyone else that knows the answer to this question. I cannot
    view a thumbnail of my raw files before I drag raw files into lightroom. So
    I wind up blindly uploading hundreds of files to see what pictures I am
    uploading. Is there anyway I can view the thumbnails the way you did in
    this video with those two raw pics? Am I missing something??

  12. paul richardson says:

    Thanks. Very helpful – and clear – unlike a lot of other tutorials. ?

  13. Praverb the Wyse says:

    This is a great tutorial…I really like the quick explanation. I would
    love if you shared more Lightroom tutorials.?

  14. victorescu says:

    Got my t3i for video stuff and got curious about raw photography. This
    video helped me a lot to understand Lightroom and why raw is as awesome as
    the M on the dial! Please do more! ?

  15. Janne Kuivasniemi says:

    Lightroom ja RAW-muunnos:

    How to Process a RAW Image File in Adobe Lightroom 4 – Short Version?

  16. Mano Singh says:

    I have a question, when you import the photos to lightroom, after
    processing them, do the raw files stay inside lightroom? Can I not import
    the image, instead access it in lightroom from an external hard drive so
    that my computer does not need to store so much data? Please let me know.?

  17. Thomas Lesh says:

    Quick, to the point, and accurate… it doesn’t get any better! Thanks?

  18. Sebastian Velasquez says:

    Check out my photography at W W W. SebastiansPics .COM?

  19. Kings Royal Vapor says:

    Is that the way the image looked to you when you shot the photo? I mean, is
    that what it looked like when when you was looking at it with your eyes??

  20. A OD says:

    Two things! I uploaded to lightroom but it says cr2 + jpeg? Thats not
    really a question, but um yea, do you know what that is about or why you
    would want to use a combination between raw and jpeg? Also, in your demo,
    you resized to 1000 pixels, 72 pixels/in for a internet upload. What you
    recommend for small and large prints (up to say, 24×36, or 13×19?) Thanks!

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