How to paint hair in Adobe Photoshop

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24 Responses to “How to paint hair in Adobe Photoshop”

  1. Egoist Machine says:

    U are awesome! BUT how I can paint really dark black hair? ;__;?

  2. Brendan P says:

    This was not as clear or informative as the folds or how to do face
    tutorials which I love, but if you could slow it down jus a bit or do
    another video of hair and fur that would be awesome!
    Thanks ; p?

  3. ArtMonsterKrys? says:

    Doing hair this way makes it so much easier. You can play with the texture,
    style and thickness. Thank you so much for the tip!!!?

  4. ???????? ??????? says:

    Can’t get bananas out of my head …?

  5. KillahBite says:

    Hey I’ve downloaded your brush set. Can I ask which brushes you used in
    this tutorial I can’t seem to get it right with other brushes. ?

  6. Asuki Karune says:

    what brush is he using??

  7. clouds says:

    i told my dog?

  8. Terry Uluilelata says:

    I told my dog?

  9. XieonexFashion says:

    Thanks . this will totally help me a lot 😀 ?

  10. Jesse Dunnell says:

    Hi, I was just wondering what tablet you are using? I am looking to get one
    for Photoshop (mainly for illustration) and didn’t know if you recommend
    any? Thanks :)?

  11. Ekundayo Onifade says:

    just watched this recently…u didnt talk about what u did to the brush and
    how u made it have the gradient when u erase?

  12. Joanna Neill says:

    Arg, I hate hair, it seems so difficult. But thanks, I’m sure this tutorial
    will help me :D?

  13. Blofu says:

    I told my dog.?

  14. emari1000 says:

    did you go to art school??

  15. DarkWolf0130 says:

    what software is he using what version of photoshop is it? i apologize for
    the stupid question but i still want the answer.?

  16. Tom Donkin says:

    Awesome tutorial, are using a different brush than in your free brush pack
    to paint in the base color? You should make a video describing your process
    for picking the right brush for the situation, it might come second nature
    to you but as I’m just starting out i’m always wondering what would be the
    best option. Thanks for all the help you’ve provided!?

  17. SilentEve says:

    and how to be with forelock??

  18. gordomac10 says:

    plait tutorial?

  19. stephy0804 says:

    I love the way you give us benchmarks to compare stuff to in your
    tutorials, like the banana peels :P?

  20. purplegoat2500 says:

    Great tutorial, cheers!

  21. Eddy Unknown says:

    Like always, awesome tutorial man. Really helpful stuff. Im definitely
    telling my dog about it!

  22. Ivana Leskovar says:

    My dog said to tell you Woof 🙂

  23. Walingergames says:

    Wow. This whole time I thought your username was Bluefly. But I just looked
    at it properly. Wow, thats like 4 months of getting it wrong!

  24. Kevin Phillips says:

    I watched it with my cat and we both enjoyed it. I wish they were a little
    longer, like maybe 9 minutes–? Anyway, good work. Thanks!

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