How to Outline Type In Adobe Illustrator

How to build outlines around type without destroying the legibility or readability of the text. In this video, we use the pathfinder palette, appearances pal…

9 Responses to “How to Outline Type In Adobe Illustrator”

  1. Travis B says:

    can I just pay you to do this for me? I have 9 labels that are going to
    printed on clear plastic so we have a “window” on the label for people to
    see our spices. we have a little text on them and realized doing a black
    font with a white outline make the text show up no matter what color the
    spices is in the container! Make sense? ?

  2. Alex Cardoso says:

    How could a professional software do not align a stroke outside in text
    format?. It’s THE BASIC in any vector software!
    That’s why Corel Draw is ALWAYS ahead…
    Just lame…?

  3. TudorCastle says:

    I tried this over and over and at 4:10 everything goes orange, have
    everything set as you do and in order ….completely baffled. i’m using
    CS6. Any thoughts??

  4. Ed Kershaw says:

    Brilliantly simple! Cheers mate.?

  5. The Illuminati says:

    thank u 🙂

  6. theseersucker says:

    Hey! I’m sorry to just now be getting back to you. The L isn’t really still
    showing while the other letters aren’t. What you’re seeing is that the
    letter L is just selected. The selection color for that layer is red. Cool?

  7. cViper314 says:

    at 6:13 the letter “l” is still showing while all other letters are
    somewhere else. Same is happening to me. But the “l” gets left behind and I
    can’t see it. Why is this happening? thanks.

  8. theseersucker says:

    thanks for saying so Dwight!

  9. theseersucker says:

    I rarely teach type these days. But I just requested recently to teach it
    again. Hopefully I’ll be teaching the introductory type course soon.

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