How to Open and Edit Images in Adobe Camera Raw CS5

This tutorial video will take you step by step how to open images in Adobe Camera Raw and get them ready for photoshop. Works with Jpeg, Tiff and Raw files.T…

Hi Guys, This is part two. I have explain how to design a website in fireworks in details. adobe fireworks, dreamweaver, xhtml/css, photoshop, tutorials, web…

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  1. upasanajollie says:

    Hello, have you come across “photo SFX art” (just google it)? On their
    website you will find a smart free video demonstrating how to shoot
    outstanding photographs. It made it possible for Matt to create pictures
    which have that jaw-dropping-effect when you look at them. I hope it will
    work for you too…

  2. Malak Hasan says:

    Did you get an answer? I got the same message and im about to lose my
    sanity! HELP

  3. LearnMyShot says:

    yes everything done in raw can be changed back. Raw file always has all the

  4. izzy H says:


  5. MythicalFlop says:

    @6ties66 Yes. .NEF is for Nikon and .CR2 is for Canon.

  6. Toufik Oas says:

    I just want to know if it is obligate to download photoshop cs5 to run
    camera raw editor??

  7. PETERPANh4x says:

    @LearnMyShot but I like the introduction, actually. It was informative.

  8. Toufik Oas says:

    Plzzz answer!!

  9. LearnMyShot says:

    @sirtechy lightroom is much cheaper then Photoshop. they use the same raw
    plug in. but Lightroom is for editing and organizing images and Photoshop
    is for retouching. LR has limited retouching capabilities and PS had
    limited image organizing capabilities via Bridge.

  10. osterling says:

    It says Camera Raw not enabled…

  11. ManFromSomeWhere says:

    Thank you, Carl. You seem to be one of the few people who can explain
    things clearly.

  12. princecody says:

    @LearnMyShot Can you focus stack in lightroom?

  13. NJboi3 says:

    Camera raw editing is not enabled Camera Raw editing requires that a
    qualifying product has been launched at least once to enable this feature.
    Ive been getting this message in Bridge, what should I do?

  14. LearnMyShot says:

    @Dakdizzy this is most brilliant comment I got ! Straight to the point.
    Agreed !!! appreciate your feedback!

  15. george karas says:

    i have the same problem any solution?

  16. 5mintuts says:

    Thanks guys for the support. I have been really busy recently. I will do
    another advance designing tutorial soon.?

  17. Mohammad Harunur Rashid says:

    Thanks for your nice tutorial?

  18. 5mintuts says:

    Who wanted to know, how to export the design from fireworks to HTML/CSS?

    by doing that, you didn’t have to worry about the coding.?

  19. SiouXsySiouXvideo says:

    Informative intro series.?

  20. Jane Mbabazi says:

    this was great but i wanted to see how you exported it to dreamweaver?

  21. TipDesk says:

    Nice tutorial. Thank you!?

  22. Julian Mesa says:

    Hey thanks you very much really nice tutorial well done.?

  23. top40productions says:

    Nice design, very clean, I was going to say ease up on the cocaine lol,
    loudest mouse click I ever heard, plus the cop cars in the background,
    awesome video though man 😉 ?

  24. Paul Lance says:

    I was too novice to follow your other Fireworks tutorial but I could
    definitely follow this one! It took me a lot longer than you, and having to
    pause the video so many times, but I got there and I feel like I learned so
    much. Hopefully when you get a chance next you can show us how to make
    these buttons in the nav bar into the areas of individual selection that
    will correspond to a link to the corresponding page and maybe even color
    that will change when hovering over with mouse pointer.

  25. RadarDurden99 says:

    your clicks on the mouse and nasal and mouth sounds are grating. I stopped
    watching even though I wanted to see the end

  26. 5mintuts says:

    I am currently doing a tutorial explaing how to convert this design in to
    HTML/CSS. I will cover everything there. I will also provide the project

  27. rthrhhggh says:

    yeah u r great

  28. Benard Christiano says:

    the only thing that you dint show is how to come up with the computer

  29. 5mintuts says:

    You are welcome.

  30. 5mintuts says:

    hehe. I know but You will always have the some who are afraid of changes.

  31. Vishal Bhatt says:

    Thanks very helpful. But can you show us, how to export to html file and
    place it in the web hosting server and what if the client need to update
    the website and again pasting files to hosting server. Thanks again.

  32. 5mintuts says:

    90% of the developers are sticking to 1024px. I know most developers are
    moving on to responsive website but again I am not sure CSS3 is compatible
    with IE old browser.

  33. Benard Christiano says:

    This is really cool man

  34. Glen Petersen says:

    People need to update. Times are changing 😛

  35. 5mintuts says:

    Cheers mate 😛

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