How to: Make Background of Image Transparent in Photoshop CS4

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1.8 Combine Shapes and Text to Create a Design: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Video

This Photoshop how to covers combining shapes and text in design. Learning to combine text and shapes in creative imaging can help users communicate their designs more effectively. #mycsula…
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22 Responses to “How to: Make Background of Image Transparent in Photoshop CS4”

  1. Jeanne Forsythe says:

    It has to be saved as a png
    The jpeg saving puts the white back in?

  2. Samantha Phan says:

    very helpful. thank you!!!!?

  3. k1w1chiwe says:

    thank you!?

  4. Pramod Khadka says:

    Thnks a lot….?

  5. Eva warda says:

    thanks !?

  6. X-SplitterZ says:

    you must save as png not jpeg thats why it displayed white!?

  7. James Williams Comedy says:


  8. Marcel De Villiers says:

    Very nice, This makes my life sooo much easier!!!

  9. TutCinemas says:

    thnx u so much

  10. loveshikashika4343 says:

    o.o Ooookay

  11. Sam Quinn says:

    can you do it manually as when i do it trys to delete a bit of the photo.

  12. Troy Wilson says:

    You monetize your videos if you want to make revenue off of your videos -_-
    He helped *alot* of people out and You should be thankful for it… if you
    clicked on this video you must’ve needed help and he tried to help, be
    grateful whats the point of hating! its 30 sec of a ad it doesnt hurt you
    -_- or just get adblock

  13. Harleyquinn191 says:

    thanks ^^

  14. PhantasyStarUn1verse says:

    @decilios wow i can u guys must by bisexuel

  15. KCG - Kodie Collings Gaming says:

    You can also use the program “Paint.NET”. It’s free and really quick and
    easy to make images transparent. Check out my How to video.

  16. AceofSpadesProd1 says:

    doestn work for some reason

  17. Seargent Bucky says:

    Then you are slightly retarded.

  18. yayitsgeorge says:

    Very helpful!!! Thanks dude

  19. myCSULA says:

    Hi @tamuna melanashvili,

    To save a file in Photoshop, simply follow these steps below:
    1. Go to File, and click Save As.
    2. Choose where you would like to save your file, name your file, and
    choose the file type.
    3. Click Save.

    I hope that this was helpful!?

  20. tamuna melanashvili says:

    HOW to save? photo??

  21. Francesco De Luca says:


  22. scubagurl2385 says:

    this was amazingly helpful!!

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