How to Make Animated GIFs From Video (Photoshop Elements 7)

UPDATE!!: Please be careful in choosing screen capture software! I have heard there may be problems with CamStudio. Please use at your own risk. Another scre…
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psd tumblrs that I use: Hope this helps 🙂 like and suscribe please.
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7 Responses to “How to Make Animated GIFs From Video (Photoshop Elements 7)”

  1. JessGivsBesitos says:

    this all actually worked for Photoshop elements 9 as well !!! XD thank you

  2. KougasGal101 says:

    Another way to do it is if you have Windows is to run the video through
    Windows Movie maker and save it as a Photoshop compatible file. That’s how
    I’ve made several Gifs. That way you don’t have to download anything extra.
    Btw, thanks for the tutorial, very helpful.?

  3. angel veronica says:


  4. ulujujuy says:

    Nice voice, brief and well explained! Loved it! I’ve just made one and it
    was so easy and fast. Thank you!!!?

  5. ZalleKim says:

    thanks^^’ this helped me :3?

  6. Amy Vega says:

    What if you want to upload a picture to tumblr and make it high quailty??

  7. iconiccindy says:

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