How To make an Animation (GIF) in Photoshop CS5 or 6 *HD*

Thanks for over 100k! never thought it would be this popular! Hey Guys this is a basic Tutorial on how to make a basic Animation in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and C…
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21 Responses to “How To make an Animation (GIF) in Photoshop CS5 or 6 *HD*”

  1. dagluke says:

    would it kill u to sound somewhat interested in what you are teaching??

  2. NightmareisZombie says:

    Guys just go to File > Save for web & devices > Preset > GIF and save your
    .gif file?

  3. S. W. says:

    Play the Video at the end??

  4. Zain Usmani says:


  5. LEONEL C. says:

    Thanks for the info.?

  6. mano vasanth says:

    how to add advertisement in my video i have uploaded please tell me and
    your animation video is very super?

  7. custom_video maker says:


  8. Pranay Mhatre says:

    ur computer lagged and that’s the reason u cut the video :P?

  9. yasir a. says:

    nice…. informative.thnx?

  10. tiago mourato says:

    This is not a GIF, it’s a MP4. I’ll not be good as you say.?

  11. Ryan Cunningham says:

    I should add that I’m trying to create a video. I’m not interested in a
    gif. I want to make a video that I can use outside of the web.?

  12. mohamed mahmoud m e styrio says:

    hey when i clicked render video and i just saved it….and i saw the 45
    frame on the desktop ?

  13. ??????? ??????? says:

    ?? ???? ???,??? ?? ???? ??????,?? ?????? ??? ?????

  14. Ryan Cunningham says:

    Hey, when I export, I cannot choose the quicktime option. It is greyed
    out. All I can do is export as a jpg with a bunch of pictures. What am I
    doing wrong??

  15. Raiyan Hussein Sachedina says:

    Does this work for cc??

  16. jana sebastian says:

    Gif Animation How To make an Animation (GIF) in Photoshop CS5 or 6 *HD*?

  17. Lord EvilSeph says:

    Your PC is slow cus you have 20 processes running just on taskbar… ;D
    nice VID

  18. onibodebest says:


  19. Jonatas FernandesZ says:

    I hate to say but is is actually a animation , your brain can see about 100
    frames per second , but any video wich has more than 10 frames per seconde
    will look like its actually moving because our brain cannot process it
    correctly , well , it can but just not as good as it does for pictures ,
    that is why wee “see” them moving .

  20. JayTECHs says:

    well, if you actualy want a good intro. i wouldnt use photoshop. There are
    way better programs out there. You just need to know how to use them.

  21. carmineglitch says:

    It should, if you downloaded a torrent it might be missing some files.

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