How to Make an Adobe Brick

How to Make an Adobe Brick

Pat shows Silva how to make Adobe bricks. Pat has been manufacturing bricks for homes around the country. This profession was passed down to her through her …
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This is an old video, but I get a lot of questions about it! Hope it helps, and if you have any more questions please send a message: Twitter: http://www.twi…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Levi Clayborne says:

    I laughed my ass off when she said a couple months to dry. My adobe bricks
    dry in a single day. (in 60f degree weather, during spring) NEVER TRY TO

  2. Tony Wilhoit says:

    What do you use as a stableiser to hold the bricks together?

  3. UnnecessaryMountain says:

    A stabilizer is not always necessary. You can use some asphalt, lime, or
    Portland cement. The P.C. is the least desirable choice from an
    environmental point of view. There is no ‘one size fits all’ recipe for the
    adobe mix, either. You experiment until the block can carry at least 300
    pounds per sq. ft, to pass the building code standards for masonry
    construction. Keep notes about your ‘formula’ and then use it consistently.

  4. scouser001cod5 says:

    It won’t take “a couple of months!!!” it takes 3 days in the uk!!! The
    wettest place in the world

  5. tmomof6 says:

    @scouser001cod5 do you see alot of adobe in the uk?

  6. gangofhope says:

    I think we had previously responded to your question, if not, we are sorry
    for the delay. you can use portland cement for stabilizer.

  7. baddoggie101 says:

    The clay must be a non-expansive type, ideally kaolinite. Straw is added to
    add early strength to the bricks so you can move them and allow moisture to
    escape. I’ve heard that straw should be avoided as it will allow pathways
    for insects into your walls but should not be a problem if stucco is used.
    Cement is added to add strength and resistance to water. I’ve heard of
    petroleum products that have been used to add resistance to water but not
    sure about its strengthening properties.

  8. MegaSuperCritic says:

    Alright, you son of a bitch, tell us what the fucking stabilizer is. No
    more nonsense. What’s the stabilizer, and where can you get it?

  9. LandTrees says:

    Nice Video! On Adobe Bricks the usage of Straw is optional. Cement
    stabilized Bricks will cure fast & should cure shaded. If you use only
    Natural Ingredients like a Cow/Horse Manure & Ash mix as stabilizer your
    brick will take much longer to cure… Polymer or Lime stabilized brick
    will also take a long time to cure. We never fire our Bricks. If you intend
    to build with Adobe we recommend you to consult with a local Soil Engineer
    to advise you on your mix and stabilizer to use.

  10. baddoggie101 says:

    That is fired brick. Adobe is not fired.

  11. maxdecphoenix says:

    I’m sorry, but that just can’t be right. I’m quite certain you meant sq.
    INCH, yes? 300lbs/f^2 is nothing.. I don’t even think it could a typical
    cola can, but defiantly not more than one.

  12. LandTrees says:

    Stabilizer to use will depend on your Climate, your Adobe Mix and your
    Local Building Code. Normally adding 10% Cement will work most of the time
    in a dirt mix suitable for building Adobe bricks. We build at times with no
    Stabilizers providing we have what we call good Shoes (Foundation) and a
    good Hat (Roof) but then prefer the Earthbag system (a.k.a. Superadobe). In
    either (Adobe or Superadobe, Stabilized or not Stabilized, we recommend a
    good Lime Plaster Mix to protect your exterior walls.

  13. Brandon Dardano says:

    lol good comment

  14. baddoggie101 says:

    This was worthless. What percentage sand, silt, clay is used? What type of
    clay? Why is a stabilizer used? Do you use straw?

  15. carefulcarpenter says:

    “If a wo/man is going to be worth but minimum wage, best to be your own
    boss” ~~CC

  16. UnnecessaryMountain says:

    It does seem low, yeah. It has been a few years since I read the figure so
    I’ll have go back and check it out in the Masonry Building Code (adobes are
    generally included here in N.A. since they are unburnt clay bricks…) ,
    but it won’t hurt to work for a strength exceeding 300 lbs/ sq. inch
    anyways. (The building code is ‘the lowest standard of building we can get
    away with…’) Overbuild! 🙂 (But do that efficiently…)

  17. filipiliescu says:

    @B4realalready I do not understand what kind of bricks they make. I know
    that after drying (21 days in the summer sun) the bricks are “cooked” in a
    furnance at high temperatures for several days, enough to melt a part of
    the sand from the brick. In dry climates sometimes are used comprimated
    bricks, with just mud and straws compresed in some special forms.

  18. zillionist says:

    pls what is the stabilizer?

  19. lolfake111 says:

    @B4realalready Hi they use a stabiliser for exapmle bitumen emulsion but i
    dont know what this lady uses

  20. InfinitySpore says:

    IS your name Jarod??

  21. MessivestPVP says:

    HOw i do that in adobe premiere 2014 ?? i dont work?

  22. Arctic Duck says:

    Nice unibrow?

  23. pardess nasiri says:

    The thing is I have got windows live movie maker, but when I upload a video
    on YouTube it doesn’t let me because the file is wlmp. How can I change the
    file. For instance from an wlmp to an mp4??.plzz answer?

  24. Astral Zeke says:

    Thanks dude that was exactly what i needed to learn?

  25. Basil ifraz says:

    Thank you dude your nice sorry for saying you a bitch?

  26. Sam M says:

    Thankyou soooooo muh I have wasted so much time looking for someone to tell
    me how to do this!!!?

  27. Ian Marshall says:

    Thanks this vid iis going to help alot you are great man I am gonna try
    this I just got my elgato a week ago?

  28. Emmet O Sullivan Ryan says:

    Can you put gaming footage on windows movie maker? ?

  29. PikachuBOSS97 says:

    How do you save it to a regular video file, not an Adobe Premiere file??

  30. George Rella says:

    Nice. But shave your mono?

  31. LXSage says:

    Thanks This Really Helped?

  32. TGK Reality says:

    how can u do this with a nomal mobile phone?

  33. GTA Game Guides says:

    Great video, you helped me a lot.?

  34. THE ABD BROS says:

    this is so complicated im trying to understand but i cant ?

  35. invalid styles says:

    Very helpfull?

  36. harpinder singh says:

    add me on ps3 harpinder123?

  37. Mat11Gaming says:

    And can we do a non live commentary with audacity with the elgato program o
    movie maker? It would be nice if u made a video of non live commentary, I
    can’t find any. On fifa please.?

  38. Corey HDGamer says:

    this helped me a lot cheers man I have been trying to do this for ages and
    you have helped me thanks :-)?

  39. Gorilla Slayer says:

    Helpful Thanks Bro?

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