How To Make a YouTube Channel Art Using Adobe Photoshop CS6

SanchyStudios Presents: How To Make a Youtube Channel Art Using Adobe Photoshop CS6. In this video we show you how to create your very own YouTube channel ar…
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Adobe Photoshop CS6 Platinum Text Tutorial : Simple and Easy way

Create a shiny, glittering Platinum Text with Adobe Photoshop CS6. In this tutorial we will learn to create Platinum text by blending options and brush tool….

34 Responses to “How To Make a YouTube Channel Art Using Adobe Photoshop CS6”

  1. Thomas Bilton says:

    My photoshop doesnt have paint bucket!?


    Check out my updated video guys!?

  3. PJPlays says:

    photoshop CS6 no longer has the paint tool?

  4. theHoodie says:

    gotta drop that thanks :D?

  5. MattPlays says:

    This isn’t a tutorial. This is simply a do this and do that. You should
    explain what the things you are doing is, and how we can customize it to
    our own personal liking. I came here to learn what things do, and how to
    use them in order to create a banner. This really is just do this and do
    that, no explanation, just do it…?

  6. TWP - TheWhovianPlays says:

    its too small?

  7. ImTkz says:

    It wont let me use the paint tool xD?

  8. VixA_Clan says:

    Sorry i didnt really understand what u said of ur font, please can u
    comment what it was.?

  9. Anima Pura says:

    Very nice demo, simple stuff that gets you motivated to do more complex

  10. DeityBlade Gaming says:

    those dimensiosn u say at beginnign are far too small for channela rt??

  11. customFakie15 says:

    i cant get lighting effect on my photoshop?

  12. Project SSlick says:

    i copied him and then changed it and made it wayyyy better?

  13. EasyVeaseyGaming says:

    guys this guy is awesome he sorted me one out and its amazing thanks man?

  14. Froot Kake says:


  15. Baby Llama says:

    What font was it??

  16. Steel Gaming HD | Road to 100 Subs! says:

    I have Adobe Photoshop CC is that fine? cuz it looks EXACTLY like that
    photoshop and its from ADOBE?

  17. James Plays says:

    can you please make a tut were you have like a minecrafty background sub

  18. Robin Victorino says:

    How to fill the new layer to white?

  19. Sumith Fernando says:
  20. MrChrispy360 says:

    it says in your video have the layer under the text selected there and the
    blur there is nothing on the layer to blur?

  21. Salman Hasan says:

    Great Tutorial…Really works ?

  22. L1ttl3D3v1L says:

    Thanks bro ! Awsome….?

  23. TheSho Bizz says:

    Thanks! This was awesome

  24. Vi?t Nh?t Lê says:

    please tell me, what is this font? thanks!

  25. Jas Singh says:

    You may be missing a step….!!?

  26. Akili Johnson says:


  27. Denise Acosta says:

    What Text Did you use?

  28. Pokemon1stPRO says:

    does this works only at black background???

  29. Jersey Thunder says:

    i didn’t think it was too fast. I have a pause and a rewind button.

  30. uGhost says:

    my photoshop looks different

  31. Akili Johnson says:

    rather, how did you create a layer under the platinum layer? mine always
    comes above!!

  32. ZydazRSPS Productions. says:

    When i says fill the layer with white – What do u mean? How to?

  33. Tony Gauci says:

    Good Video but to hard to follow without a bit of Talk here and there 😉

  34. Vaxleyman says:

    Thx so much man.

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