How to Make a Portfolio Book

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13 Responses to “How to Make a Portfolio Book”

  1. Victor Rodriguez says:

    Thanks all my books are ruend and I need a portfolio to keep my art in

  2. Hazera Rahman says:

    Subscribe me n i might do a giveaway?

  3. Franc Francisco says:

    Disculpa como se llama el material que usas para forrar el de color negro ?

  4. Bahar Bahrami says:

    Hi Sea Lemon I just wanted to say instead of using heavy weight books could
    you put it in between the book press??

  5. rocio r says:

    Great Video! I love it. Thank you so much for sharing. :)?

  6. alittlebitofeverything... says:

    How do you set your eyelets ?? :)?

  7. Tyler Durden says:

    dont you think thats a bit hard for me to make I am 8?

  8. Dani Bonafede says:

    I honestly can listen to your voice all day…. I know that sounds weird
    but you talk so clearly and it’s so lulling in a good way :P?

  9. Victor Rodriguez says:

    Can u make more videos on book covers and portfolio dessigns pls?

  10. Sebastián Luraghi says:

    thank you so much, great work! regards from argentina.?

  11. Raina Choi says:

    what type of cannon printer you use?? Please~?

  12. ANN MAGANA says:

    thanks ………i will make mine for this friday….thanks for sharing!!?

  13. VanillaLooks says:

    Could you teach us how to make a binder or filofax style agenda? You know,
    with one of those ring backings that open and closes so we can add and
    remove papers :)?

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