How to make a Basic Intro in Adobe Premiere Pro

PremiereProTips Facebook: In this video, I explain how to create a basic intro by using tex…
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  1. Jungle Raiden says:


  2. Myvivian G says:

    how to edit the time so tat i can make the certain footage to be faster?

  3. TheSuperNinjaUnicorn says:

    How do I add a picture into the intro??

  4. Yassine Larrozzi says:

    How to put text in video ??

  5. Mgaming says:


  6. BroooToeeeToeee says:

    Thankss helpfulll and fulll Thankkss LIKE THIS VIDEOOO?

  7. MrCarzonekit says:

    Hi Alan .Adobe Premiere Pro how to make gun fire??

  8. GamingWithViro -Viro- says:

    Hey, Great vid! you just got a sub!

  9. MrFrosti101 says:

    How to export the audio from a video (that way you can edit the audio
    separately, say in ProTools or sumn)

  10. PremiereProTips says:

    Yes, those transitions work with text, pictures, and video! Thanks for the

  11. TechFilms96 says:

    Windows Movie Maker Can Do that in 10 Seconds and saves 800 bucks

  12. PremiereProTips says:

    The intro to my videos is made by using text and keyframing it. Go troll
    somewhere else please.

  13. dominic o connor says:

    love your videos! keep up the good work!

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