How to make a animation | Make a simple animation

How to make a animation | Make a simple animation


You need to start with a basic sketch assuming that you have never done animation. The original sketch that you draw will be the start of your motion sequence.

What you need to is make that original sketch move, well allude the sketch to appears to be in motion where in fact it is a statue sketch.

To best explain, think of an artists using tracing paper he would draw another image behind the original sketch and uses the tracing paper as a reference and draws the image slightly different to the original . It is a slow and highly skilled art, eventually there will be a selection of pages, in sequence, a lot, as you need to make change fine to avoid jumpy motion.

The sketch anim8tor will flick back and forward through the pages and will create visual motion, hence animation.

There are simple ways of starting is to use very basic drawing and start drawing your sequence of images. For example your animation attempt might be to have a face smile, so when the basic smile animation sequence is in place you can go back and add more detail, add smile frowns, facial muscles etc.

It is advisable not over do your original sketch as it will make it more difficult to get the desired animation affect.

From there on you can start adding the facial contours etc, the animation is not complete until the animation is recorded to e visual to others or you manual flip through the pages.

To make a animation by hand sketching requires extreme passion and desire and highly skilled sketching ability, start with a stick figure that would be basic.

Animation is so broad and one could write an endless article on the subject, but the basis is to take an image or model and manipulate the image or model and run a sequence images and models to create animation motion.

The plus side about wanting to know or understand the best way to approach animation is simplified.

The simplicity comes from the expert animation software developers who put their skills and expertise together to develop an animation program that will have all the training and guidance structures in place to teach and guide people to animate.

It is quite a scary thought in relation to technology advancement of animation today where it is the success of the animation software developers, and with no animating experience you could easily become an animator and make your own animation projects.

It is quite a simple process train and teaches you through a software step by step video and manual training facility. Follow it step by step real time video training modules, also take advantage of all the support and guidance available, and if you commitment yourself and keep motivated and understand that time will be your challenge but your patience will pay off as this will result in a natural flow of knowledge and practical application, and so you will become a master.

The opportunity is available to anybody to the user friendly applications and operations, the only real talent in a nut shell is to understand and master the software. Simply invest in teaching and educating yourself.

The fact that you can turn your personal computer into an animation studio is incredible advanced and this can be achieved by a simple digital download. Phew technology! Can we keep up?

Now you know how to make animation, the short cut, use animation software.



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