How To Install GTA V

Want to download & install Grand Theft Auto V for FREE on your PC, Laptop, Xbox or Playstation before it is officially released? Watch this video! If you fol…
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This is a quick tutorial on how to add a loading screen to your GMod server. Quick Links:
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22 Responses to “How To Install GTA V”

  1. Sponge Bond says:

    This guy is such an Asshole. Children in Africa could have eaten that

  2. Kanal Dorian says:

    It works!

    The dislike button works!?

  3. Merv Thomas says:

    HowToBasic is an anonymous, psychopathic, egg-wasting fucktard that
    violently throws and/or smashes food for other people’s pleasure on
    YouTube. If one was stoned out of their mind enough to watch such
    deplorable and cringe-worthy content, one would discover that in nearly all
    of his videos, the cameraman is completely naked to presumably to attract
    the homosexuals who dwell in the dark corners of YouTube. HowToBasic
    utterly proves that only women should be in the kitchen. And if a man dares
    to enter it, there is no telling what sort of catastrophe will unfold.?

  4. Dr. HOUSE says:

    People said that he use expired food, how about that laptop? Is expired
    too? Come one.. He probably is a rich bastard who invest his money in food
    and another stuff to make his Hobby.?

  5. Terraria Cthulu says:

    Guys. He can waste whatever he likes, hes a Millionaire. :3 (True fact!! I
    aint kidding!)?

  6. Zarastroika says:


    +HowToBasic So many people cannot buy a computer in this world, and you,
    bitch, douchebag, brainless zombie attwhore ass sucker wasting food and
    destroying PC like it’s nothing!


  7. Blake Zhang says:

    I swear, I see all these people getting pissed off because he wastes food,
    while I am just here shitting bricks as he destroys perfectly good
    electronics. >_< So much butthurt.?

  8. Barry Murphy says:

    Kids in Europe could have eaten those disks ?

  9. Jax Craft says:

    Show us how to install GTA V Online, O Wise One!?

  10. anthony munroe says:

    WTF you bitch motherfucker you stupid hoe all your doing is wasting good
    money, good food, and a good laptop?

  11. Brian Chiu says:

    are you crazy? You are such an idiot by wasting all those foods, destroying
    your own computer/CD, and making a big mess around you. Everyone in the
    world escept you should be pressing “dislike” instead of “like,” also, this
    guy needs to be thumbs “down” instead of thumbs “up”?

  12. Michael Myers says:

    Don’t worry guys, the laptop’s expired.?

  13. Butterdude says:

    F**k U. Think about the hungry children in Africa, and you idiot wasted the
    food!! ?????

  14. jc matias says:

    Do your friends/parents know that you make videos for YT destroying things
    and wasting foods? I mean, If I knew, I don’t know if I would still want to
    be your friend……………… probably not .-.?

  15. JoelSebas says:

    thanks it works!?

  16. Ethan Muller says:

    When he smashed the the screen, I near cried. That looked like an i3, i5,
    or i7. *cringe*?

  17. suken patel says:

    it worked thanks
    if it worked for you leave a like to this?

  18. Lucca Matheus Queiroz says:

    What are you doing man ?
    You have a problem ?
    You is crazy man…?

  19. Guillermo Macias says:

    Dude like you just wasted money laptops are expensive

  20. McYellowBirdGaming says:

    Enjin removed the Gallery module so I’m going to upload an easier and
    quicker way to make a loading URL screen.?

  21. Hayden Gore says:

    The sound and picture quality of this video is more of a fail than an
    epilectic at a disco party full of mexicans. Improve your game, kid. Also,
    drop your balls before I dropkick your face. ?

  22. McYellowBirdGaming says:

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