How To Install Fonts For Photoshop CS5

Link for fonts- if you have any problems please comment and ill reply. -RyZRaDesigns.
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  1. MIEN SULU says:

    such a useful video! thank you zoo much!?

  2. Giv Lee says:

    wow!! thank you so much?

  3. ItsNeverYT says:


  4. Pootis Pow says:


  5. VieMaxGC says:

    Thx 😀 like!?

  6. Mook Life says:


  7. Jade Woodruff says:

    Thank you! I have to reference your video everytime I have to do this.
    🙂 ?

  8. Jack Goff says:

    Thanks Mate?

  9. Chriztofer CMO says:

    Thanks for the quick tip!?

  10. Roshan Rehman says:

    what is the web name?

  11. morphin1 says:

    WOw thanks for the video man. That was quick and painless lol?

  12. Roy Shallem says:
  13. Fenix Dufva says:

    Thank you so much!?

  14. Luxe Nice says:


  15. yvonne mcdonald says:

    Thanks. Great video. I had never paid attention to the Install button on
    the Control Panel.?

  16. Nick A. Titley says:

    Fantastic Video, thank you very much. Best i’ve seen on it.?

  17. Hugo Rafael says:

    tnks, very nice… simple&quick?

  18. Tom Rio says:

    it would be much cooler to see how to update the font gallery in PS without
    closing it! cause its on the nose to like close the PS soft, embed new
    fonts to windows & reset PS again…?

  19. Infernus KID says:

    THANKS alot bro and for the website you help me alot :)?

  20. Cristina Sauger says:

    Thanks. Simple and efficient.?

  21. radionr3 says:

    cheers mate?

  22. Xardem says:


  23. TheOnlyGamerMC says:

    +zerod1337 Wow thnz no ican make my thumbnails better you earned a

  24. Atey Ghailan says:


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