How To Install Baseboard

Shannon from shows you now to measure, cut, and install MDF baseboard.
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Captions: English, ??? This is a very fast introduction to using EndNote on Windows.

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  1. Bf3xx says:

    Are you using 16 or 18 gauge?

  2. ya right says:

    Thanks man?

  3. Christian Martinez says:

    good work Im a painter and i like using the spackle better than the putty
    the putty tends to need touch up more than when i spackle Im thinking of
    changing trades as painting has alot of chemical exposure to the eyes and
    lungs great video keep up the good work .?

  4. Trevor World says:

    First of all thanks for this, it was very helpful.

    I have a question though, what do you do when you’re installing baseboards
    that run from a carpeted area to a tiled area that are uneven. So
    basically there’s about a1/4″ to 1/2″ difference in where the baseboards
    sit height-wise where they would join.

    Any help you can offer?


  5. reehays says:

    Can i use nails on brick wall?Or should i just use glue.Please anyone?

  6. Igor Datsko says:

    ???????? ??????!!!?

  7. louis roman says:

    Great vid,helps me a lot, thanks for the tip with the protractor. Lou?

  8. Ryan Dean says:


  9. alli saidwas says:

    Why not scribe the internal corners and mitre the external ??

  10. john smith says:

    Very nice video, also very helpful. Wife and I are going to do our
    baseboards. You made it look easy. Thanks so much.?

  11. nathan ma says:

    nice post on the wall?

  12. Michael Matthews says:

    Thanks for the video!

    Since you mentioned caulking trim, I wanted to pass along a tip someone
    gave me.

    Anytime you caulk small seams or gaps where your fingers are too big to
    exert pressure, consider using a damp sponge instead of a damp rag. The
    sponge is springy enough that it will push itself into little gaps and
    seams, and its simpler to clean if you have much caulking to do.

    Constantly bunching up a rag and trying to find clean spots on it gets old

  13. stevo2sleeves says:

    Internal corners should be coped and scribing it to the floor will
    eliminate the ugly gaps between the skirting board and hardwood flooring. ?

  14. randito says:

    Great video! Thanks for the info and how-tos. ?

  15. Greg F says:

    good videos?

  16. stevo2sleeves says:

    Internal corners should be coped and scribing it to the floor will
    eliminate the ugly gaps between the skirting board and hardwood flooring. ?

  17. Roach Mike says:

    do you have to chalk the bottom of the baseboard against the floor,in my
    case i have tile.?

  18. Jason Zh says:


  19. Laren Pillay says:

    Thank you so much ! This was really comprehensive ! ?

  20. Peter Kenyon says:

    Could you update this to the latest version of your software? Haven’t used
    your software until now and the new version looks very different.?

  21. Areej Abdu says:

    its great ,, plz add Arabic subtitle !! Thank you !!?

  22. Mundi Odium says:

    you owe me 55 seconds?

  23. gladcarrot says:

    This is a wonderful video. Thanks for creating and posting this. I got up
    and running in just a few minutes!?

  24. csdrt20 says:

    nicely done yo… this grandma a gangsta..?

  25. erbgbt says:

    thank you was very helpful?

  26. Nomoya Mahlangu says:

    This is useful, better that written instructions!?

  27. lalala la says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. Can someone tell me which accent the lady is
    speaking? I’m loving it and would like to learn it. Thanks :)?

  28. Ted Knoy says:

    ?????????? (79) : How to use EndNote

  29. Surup Dey says:

    really simple and helpful video!?

  30. Huan Nguyen says:

    This video is invalid, it goes for six minutes?

  31. Damitha Nalin says:

    This was much useful for me than half day class at University. very clear

  32. Fu Dog says:

    She sounds like a grandma robot.?

  33. Wang Eric says:

    How To Use EndNote in 7 Minutes?

  34. EndNoteTraining says:

    I think these instructions can be used from almost anywhere. I have used
    the same examples when teaching outside the U.S. and they have worked.

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