How to install Autotune evo in Adobe Audition By Mark Carter

Here I have shown you how to install autotune evo in adobe audition CS6.And here’s the link for torrent download…
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Step by step demonstration in this video. More info: Your problem: You can’t open your camera raw files, even tho…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

44 Responses to “How to install Autotune evo in Adobe Audition By Mark Carter”

  1. Captain Shorif says:

    I followed every step but whenever i scan for the plugins nothing appears?

  2. Vinod Rodrigo says:

    dude are you,srilankan!!?

  3. RizzyMusic Uchiha says:

    i search for mac i ended up coming to windows version dafuck -_-?

  4. iv san says:

    this dude doesnt know how to give instructions. dude tells people he
    installed a TORRENT knowing people in here didnt dload it as a torrent,
    what an idiot?

  5. Christian Gaitan says:

    do you have it for macbook??

  6. Xyla Nicole Velasco says:

    For those who are having problems with finding the VST plugin from the
    “effects” menu because it is not clickable (gray text), make sure that you
    currently have an existing track in Adobe Audition for you to use the

    it worked for me 🙂 and I followed his instructions too, I hope this helps,
    thumbs up for others to see!?

  7. Alric410 says:

    I followed your steps and the autotune program shows up in the pulgin
    manager, but when I try to reload it Adobe Audition closes down with no
    error message. Did I miss something? ?

  8. ThangNo says:

    Change it to Mono if u want it to come out from right and left ..?

  9. Dr_ Dadel says:

    AU will crash when i hit “Scaning” :(?

  10. Dan Wesley says:

    i followed everything you said, i installed the vst but i cant find the vst
    plug ins folder..?

  11. Harry Preet says:

    I got this msg when I tried to give the path from the antares audio
    technologies folder :
    I’ad already reinstalled my Adobe Audition Cs6 but still the same error
    Thanks from the heart!
    Much Respect (y)?

  12. Dj Freeman says:

    oh i see cs6 want work for cc6?

  13. Charlie Hey says:

    Hey guys, I’ve got error message – bla bla not valid win32 application at
    win7 while trying to run setup, how to fix it??

  14. Joy Christian says:

    no VTS plugin folder in my program files, cant even scan in plug in manager
    please help?

  15. Itsbiggchug says:

    your recording in stereo thats why yew have one bar, yew have to record in
    mono, Give a s/o if my info was useful?

  16. Dj Freeman says:

    what version of adobe are you using?

  17. Rafael Francisco Raco says:

    I dont have VST plugins in my program files what should I do??

  18. MiNkauj Hmoob says:

    hello i was wondering if you could show me how to download the autotune for
    64bit and how do i install it on to Adobe Audition?????? thanks ?

  19. huyurel says:

    do you have ocd with refreshing or something?

  20. Raymetrious says:

    Why is there interlock driver setup x 64 ? What’s that for ? Btw, i can’t
    find the Vst plugin folder :((?

  21. EliteDonuts says:

    Why the fuck do you keep refreshing your desktop??

  22. Dj Freeman says:

    no matter witch one i download does not work and have tried many from
    torrent and im not new to this have used adobe audition 3 for yeas and
    works fin with it but not this version of adobe any suggestions ?

  23. jenn thomas says:

    Marlene, I am new to Adobe editing; Can I use the Adobe raw file converter
    without actually purchasing Photoshop, LR, etc…??

  24. SpunkeyMonkey says:

    Hi, sorry if im being totally blonde here,

    Im having real problems with camera raw 8.6… usually i open images
    (editing in raw) from lightroom to photoshop, but it won’t do this now
    because its saying i need camera raw 8.6 with this version of lightroom.

    everywhere i look for camera raw 8.6 now im getting links saying “camera
    raw and adobe dng” (even on the adobe site) but its only downloading this
    dng thing that i do not want and photoshop isn’t updating to 8.6

    whats going on am i going insane??

  25. Jens Thillerup says:

    Hi,- I had the same problem as others that the converter did not “see” my
    raw files but found a way around it: open Windows Explorer -> click on the
    file and drag it with the mouse onto/on top of the Adobe Converter Icon
    (the icon you use to normally open the converter) on your desktop. It
    sounds crazy but it works with single files as well as whole folders with a
    number of files in it. I use Windows7 and cr2 files from a Canon 60D
    camera. Play around with the setting in the meny that comes up to adobt the
    files to your ACR version.?

  26. Pamela Maldonado says:

    Hi Marlene,

    I have CS3 Photoshop and my files are shot on RAW on a Nikon D7000. I
    downloaded the DNG converter 4.6 but it does not real the files to convert.
    So frustrating I dont know why? Could you please help or do you have any


    – Pamela?

  27. Cherie Cheung says:

    i have been desperately looking to open my raw files. i’m so so happy it
    actually works! thank you so much?

  28. vcountrymanac says:

    Thanks so much for your clear explanation. I’m a new fan of your youtube
    Please tell me if I am right: since my LR4.4 program all of a sudden
    decided it couldn’t open the NEF files on my SD card any more (I have no
    idea why since I have’t changed anything – arrrrggghhhh!)
    Do I now need to convert the NEF files on the card to DNG files, save them
    somewhere, and then import them from “somewhere” into LR4?
    This is an additional step before I can do anything with them in LR?
    I can no longer import directly from the SD card into LR?
    Is there a setting in LR which I could set to import the NEFs directly as
    Thank you sooooo much!?

  29. Sheryl Jean says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!! My photoshop would not work and the
    ImageBrowser Ex I got with my camera would not work on my computer this
    saved me.?

  30. Lester N says:

    On the jpg preview, what good is it? Since it does not show up on my

  31. klepper00 says:

    Hi I tried this today and it didn’t work 🙁 could it be because my camera
    is too new ? I have a Nikon D810 just released last week . How long does it
    normally take for them to release a update when a new camera comes out ?
    Thanks Scott?

  32. Michael Schnee says:

    Thanks for the video. It was very helpful?

  33. Janakan Selvarathinam says:
  34. Hailo509 says:

    I have been soooo confused about this. I just followed your instructions
    and did this step by step! Amazing…thank you so much! You saved me!!! ?

  35. Ekcmd says:

    Thanks so much !! :-)?

  36. des bungy says:

    Thanks a lot Marlene! this is excellent!?

  37. mrmannyj1 says:

    The converter won’t read my raw images. Any suggestions??

  38. Anatolij Gaiderov says:

    Thank you. ?

  39. Saxkiwi says:

    Do you know why my processed DNG file is lighter {by about a stop} than my
    raw NEF original??

  40. Marko Mihailovich says:

    I just tried this with Sony A7r RAW files and I get this message..”The
    source folder doesn’t contain any supported RAW files” Isn’t that the
    point, to convert unsupported RAW files to the universal RAW format? What’s
    the deal here??

  41. ??? says:

    I’m from Taiwan. This really helps!?

  42. Jane Johnson says:

    I was banging my head in frustration until I came across this charming lady
    who explains things simply. I can now open my raw files :-)?

  43. Michael Lawrence says:

    When I select a scource folder which contains the CR2 image I wish to
    convert, no items match my search. I changed the version of Camera Raw in
    Preferences to include my version.?

  44. Stacy Pennington says:

    Thank you for this excellent information and tutorial!?

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