How to Fix Lag in Apps Like Adobe Premiere, AfterFX, Vegas, Photoshop, etc. (Windows)

How to Fix Lag in Apps Like Adobe Premiere, AfterFX, Vegas, Photoshop, etc. (Windows)

Changing the settings I show you in this video helped me TREMENDOUSLY! I hope it helps you too. This video is intended to help you fix video playback latency…
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28 Responses to “How to Fix Lag in Apps Like Adobe Premiere, AfterFX, Vegas, Photoshop, etc. (Windows)”

  1. Shark bite says:

    For Anybody wondering about setting priorities on Windows 8 and 8.1 .. here
    is the way …
    >Press Ctrl + Shift +Esc to open task manager …
    >Right click on Photoshop in the Processes tab and the click on ‘Go to
    >Right click again on Photoshop in the Details tab and choose your priority
    in the ‘Set priority’ section…

    Hope this helped … 🙂 … ?

  2. Sims | PykXi says:

    if I set to high my pc starting lag hard lol?

  3. Johnny Amaya says:

    You sound exactly like that actor of stepbrothers…. he acts besides Will
    Ferrel. Excelent video by the way….?

  4. SniperNinja-115 says:

    Thanks man! Good tip! I never new about this! Now I can edit smoothly with
    600 FPS clips! :)?

  5. The Realest Idealist says:

    It wasn’t long, it was filled with very valuable information. I wish it was
    longer because you was giving away jewels! Thanks!!! ?

  6. jay alterEgo says:

    just wish i had help with mac as well?

  7. jay alterEgo says:

    thanks for that vital info?

  8. motor rider says:


  9. Matt Cornelius says:

    Great video!?

  10. Guardiane says:

    I found this helped a little bit but still had a lot of lag…either way,
    thanks for the tips, this is a good one 🙂 I think the problem with my
    system is that it’s very old lol…too cheap to upgrade.?

  11. Jimme CrackCorn says:

    Southern boy, I like the accent my good man. Thank you very much for yalls

  12. TheBlackAndWhiteCow says:

    I thought it would be a real fix it’s just a dumb suggestion ?

  13. Aleu says:

    Man I was almost sure this was going to work. My video editing still lags
    on EVERY editing platform, Lightworks, PowerDirector, Windows Movie Maker.
    The videos are fine until I put them on the timeline. Any fix for this?

  14. BrownCooki33z says:

    Oh my gosh, thanks a tonne! Photoshop CC had a real bad response delay and
    the solution fixed it!?

  15. Adam King says:

    who is the girl??? thats all i (my penis) was interested in :P?

  16. Janakan Selvarathinam says:
  17. Oockeshoek says:

    2:03. Now it’s got a more cinematic tit to it…

  18. Vasu arr says:

    ya it nice way to teach…….

  19. I Hate You(tube) says:

    fascinating subject matter

  20. ELTV says:

    you’re the best thanks

  21. Alex Vidda says:


  22. RaVeN2012forever says:

    plz i want this program full *_^ sub + fav + like

  23. dvhoa.frontflip says:


  24. ValmisFilm says:

    damn, you work with some really nice footage…

  25. ERNEST MWALE says:

    I like this Shot but important Video thanks boss

  26. I Hate You(tube) says:

    titties so big. someone needs to do something

  27. Drdeepmanta says:

    great video. Thank you sir, I have learned a lot.

  28. Nick Ravenscroft says:

    Can we have a video on how to use the liquidizer tool to make breasts

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