How to fix Adobe Flash player error

{K.V.P} In this tutorial im going to show you how to fix Adobe Flash player error! 1-First you need to enable scripting to do this you will need to go to: Op…

24 Responses to “How to fix Adobe Flash player error”

  1. MrMagee78 says:

    everytime I download the latest flash player the black download box is
    blank ??

  2. w8ye says:

    First of all you can barely speak English – You have stupid music playing
    in the back ground. You turn away from the mic and i cannot hear you.?

  3. Sovieteer says:

    My friend had General installation error help please??

  4. Ira Divad says:

    having music where people are singing while your talking is amazingly

  5. Melanie Geverola says:

    everytime i wacth youtube the vedeo not start automatically need to click
    adobe flash player to run,how can i fix it,??

  6. MsMe1967 says:

    I don’t have the luxury of a second computer. Since I still get the error
    message when I attempt to watch your video, I can’t! I appreciate your time

  7. JamesCrowonline says:

    So, flash player is messed up again. Yet another fix for a piece of junk
    that Adobe keeps sticking their head in the sand over. I wonder when some
    one will come up with a replacement player and put adobe player out of the
    game for good.?

  8. Chris Keller says:

    Better fix on my channel, check it out?

  9. Michael Rossi says:

    how do you expect us to see Adobe flash fix if it’s posted in adobe flash
    instead of HTML5??

  10. kvpCompHelpkvp says:

    @DougsGaming423 Yes but you can read the discription!


    how we see you hhhhhhhhhh

  12. Jose Rosales says:

    wish i could watch this. the discription isnt as fun

  13. SkilledChaosHD says:

    I still get the error but I still can watch videos

  14. funzz1 says:

    @Domenami they have google chrome or the internet browser

  15. Magenxia X.D says:

    close your internet ahead of time

  16. Jordan83211cp says:

    To watch this video with a Missing Plugin, you need to use another browser
    such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or any other browser! Once you
    use a different browser, the plugin will appear, accept Google Chrome

  17. kvpCompHelpkvp says:

    I think that its not the adobe flash player problem because the adobe flash
    player is only for playing the video.I think you need to try an other
    internet browser or reinstall the one you have.If you using Safari i think
    you will have this problem because i have some kind of this problems when
    using Safari.Hope i helped you and please sub.

  18. Mike* says:

    why can,t you just SHUT that MUSIC OFF!! and tell us what you are your
    talking about please!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. th3skatekid says:

    i need some help to fix mine while im playing gmod

  20. isonke1 says:

    i want to watch videos on youtube but it say i cant watch vids onless
    download adobe flash player……….and i did it but cant see videos but i
    can only comment ……….am so piss and i dont know wat to do next… .i
    really need help…….:(

  21. jonnyboy123234 says:

    thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. WafflemoesProduction says:

    @kvpCompHelpkvp this my friends, is whats called a nerd with a long reply
    lol you just learnt to spell ‘try’ from me i guess 😛

  23. Ea beck says:

    its funny because i cant watch this video because i need to fix my flash
    player… -_-

  24. Vivian Trinh says:

    Uh , same problem as , “isonke1”

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