How to edit gifs on photoshop!

sup uni 😉 **Okay so i remade my previous video “How to edit GIFS at photoshop!” that was terrible and embarrassing. and most of all confusing. so i hope t…
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6 Responses to “How to edit gifs on photoshop!”

  1. Agtsmirnoff says:

    It’s pronounced “Jif” not “gif”?

  2. TheSwagedEdits says:

    what’s the theme hihi ^^?

  3. Elisha Teegardin says:

    Can you do a video tutorial on how you made your intro??

  4. iiforever_gamer says:

    Followed you on tumblr ? ty for the tutorial c;?

  5. Zarry Kidrauhl says:

    you’re talking and doing everything really fast, but .. thank you so much
    for the video 🙂 ! ?

  6. Elisha Teegardin says:

    What do you use to record your screen??

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