How to download and install the Adobe PDF Reader software

How to download and install the Adobe PDF Reader software – In this video we look at how to download and install the Adobe PDF Reader software.

How to Install Adobe Flash Player on Galaxy S5!

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to install Adobe Flash Player on Samsung Galaxy S5 Android smartphone. Download and Step-by-Step tutorial:…
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27 Responses to “How to download and install the Adobe PDF Reader software”

  1. Glenda Cox says:

    After installing, Adobe appeared next to all of my desktop icons, thus I
    was unable to look at photos, etc. Had to uninstall. Ha. So now am back
    where I started; can’t read PDFs. Drat it all.?

  2. Vasily Pukin says:

    use it to read PDFs?

  3. Josaphine Bailey says:

    New abode 11 adds some kind of cookie tracking?

  4. Omar Abdul Hakem says:

    adobe xI not working for win7 just x right??

  5. tum tit says:

    Thank you !?

  6. unbogaming special says:

    no link ??

  7. Parsali undilashvili says:

    cool : ) thanks ;)?

  8. Hazel B says:

    Many thanks ….nice and easy x?

  9. MyYosrinahBeauty says:

    @VIDE0Training tkansks?

  10. otgoo oogii says:


  11. thia Trinidad says:

    Wonderdul! Thank you so much. Coz of your video I watch The Vamps on
    livestream twitcam. Thank you very very much. You are awesome! Great job!!?

  12. WolfiWA says:

    Perfect, it works!!!!!!!!?

  13. ahmed farah says:

    No wonder I like white people lol…..thanks dude ?

  14. Carlos Cortez says:

    Can you please help me out. .. I wanted to know if you can get flash player
    for Samsung smart TV thank you?

  15. Hiper razvi says:

    it free??

  16. reallyfubar says:

    worked, but only on Dolphin browser. Better than nothing I guess. I miss my
    HTC Evo 4g. it did everything, no hacks involved :(?

  17. light dancer says:

    got it all installed (both flash player and dolphin). Now tsn radio 690
    (montreal) plays but it high speed and the sound like chipmunks?

  18. MSPRETTYNPINK28 says:

    How do you get your internet to move soo fast? Mine takes forever to go to
    the next page :(. Help.?

  19. Sha Money says:

    Cannot multitask with internet while on a phone call – Galaxy S5 with my
    sprint service do anybody no a app or how I can fix this on my own get back
    to me ?

  20. InsanitySoRaw says:

    Not working for

  21. firoz mohammed says:

    How to unlock regional lock on s5?

  22. Lawrence Hudlin says:

    S5 Boasting Adobe flash player… nice one my son..?

  23. Saam Golmoradi says:

    +GalaxyS5Root can you install t-moblie on g900h?

  24. MSPRETTYNPINK28 says:

    Also, when I try to download it, its green not red… And it keeps saying
    download unsuccessful.?

  25. MGO fireworks says:

    does that also work with the samsung galaxy tab s ??

  26. Jawad Ezzahraoui says:

    Thanks Max you are the best ;-)?

  27. Hamza56k says:

    thank you?

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