How to Disable advertisements in Spotify, instructions in description.

In this video I will be showing you all how to disable advertisements while using Spotify, as we know spotify is a great application for streaming music, how…

Cool Edit Pro 2.1 - Full Version + Instructions! - Download & Vocals Tutorial - By: Lil'Bam-Bam!

NEW D0WNL0AD LINK – C.E.P.2.1 – Full Version + Instructions !! – – – Facebook : Bu…
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32 Responses to “How to Disable advertisements in Spotify, instructions in description.”

  1. ViXxoGaming says:

    i but in the ports and it wont go online any more?

  2. Ronan Begley says:

    i dont have an apply button

  3. Danilo Garay says:


  4. MillionChances11 says:

    i dont have an apply button..

  5. Max404s says:

    This would have been a really nice way of doing it, if it worked, but it
    didn’t. :/

  6. Dann19921 says:

    what do i do when i have no apply button?

  7. aza721 says:

    not really working anymore. offline after restart.

  8. amansaysmtf says:

    legend! cheers mate

  9. 1oxo1 says:

    @aza721 watch?v=J0379Lk2EcM

  10. movie627 says:

    it didn’t work for me it just made me offline mode -.-

  11. 1oxo1 says:

    @plokmantchok watch?v=J0379Lk2EcM

  12. zorthon9 says:

    Screw off you hateful bitch, js.

  13. TheNightHorus says:

    fuk yu

  14. Alfons Dreschler says:

    Looks like a “Man in the middle” be carefull!

  15. RevolutioZ says:

    Does not work. Kiss my ass.

  16. MrSupernova205 says:

    @bigshow1118 and @sureshkc17 Thank you for the great feedback, I hope this
    tutorial has helped you all.

  17. sureshkc17 says:

    rated =D

  18. nicolejones4334 says:

    how do u turn off the offline mode ??

  19. Zaynab Gamer says:

    Thanks man ! Your tutorial is very useful, I’ll start recording my first
    track 😀 Btw, I like your nickname Lil’Bam-Bam ! :D?

  20. sarko qadr says:

    please send me link?

  21. worlverine pina says:

    everytime i hit record it only record in my left speaker it sucks?

  22. DeAngelo160Music says:

    Thanks bro?

  23. Angela Madison says:

    Ok i’ve downloaded the program to my computer but everytime i try to reopen
    the program it want open can somebody help me?

  24. JayTune The Youngin says:

    It says the registration expired?

  25. TomLashamMusic says:

    whats the new serial number ??

  26. FreeForYou says:


  27. soufiane akif says:


  28. Michael Martin says:

    It does work. I’ve been with 4shared for a couple years and post files
    there myself. If you don’t have an account, they’ll ask for you to open an
    account before you can download. It’s legit. You get a basic free account
    to store up to 15gb’s worth of FREE storage space. To upgrade? then you’ll
    have to pay for the premium plan.?

  29. George Hassell says:


  30. Jeff McNickle says:

    this is bull shit all i got was this 4 shared desktop bullshit.k.. wow…
    waste of time?

  31. Ja Douu says:

    The serial dont make sense bro?

  32. Ja Douu says:

    Im lost cuss now u got 4shared . Help please :/?

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