How To Design A Logo – Photoshop & Illustrator Tutorials & Templates Learn how to design your own logo; training series includes video tutorials, templates and more! Logo design…
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Visit for more free art lessons. Learn how to add color quickly to drawings using the live paint bucket tool in Adobe Illustr…

26 Responses to “How To Design A Logo – Photoshop & Illustrator Tutorials & Templates”

  1. Will says:

    I think the thing is with people like me, we want to learn the skill, not
    use templates. ?

  2. jayrperiod says:

    how much would you charge me to make me a logo. have yet to work with a
    logo designer that can give me what im looking for ?

  3. Sue TP says:

    this is exactly what i needed! thank you!?

  4. RawWalkthroughs says:

    why? take a strap on and do it yourself..

  5. Timi Boose says:

    Thank you! I have been redrawing drawings trying to use live trace and the
    pen tool and they were coming out terrible! didn’t even know about blob
    brush! thanks for posting!

  6. MrWatchafoz says:

    Thanks! Good explanation.

  7. Cfrizbird says:

    Awesome! Thank you so much. I’m coloring multiple tech flats and this is SO
    much speedier.

  8. irevilodesign says:

    Very Nice!

  9. Milly Durovic says:

    This was a great tutorial. I really understand how to use the live brush

  10. Philipp Koehl says:

    whic pad do you have?

  11. mewe5 says:

    I select it all but cant fill with color … ;-(

  12. PuddingMV says:

    Thank you!!! Really very helpful!

  13. RawWalkthroughs says:


  14. Alondra Sinclair says:

    I did select all but i still get the error

  15. royalconcrete1 says:

    This redneck really appreciates this tut. Very clear and will save many
    hours. Thanks for takin the time.

  16. Carlino Ward says:

    I need help when you get to the shading part how do you make it to where it
    doesnt overl the ink or the black lines… (im using a dark cyan for
    shading and when i do it it will overlap the black..)

  17. jawnwb says:

    TBH, you say “go ahead” too often. It’s distracting because it doesn’t add
    anything to your sentence. e.g. what’s wrong with just saying “I can erase
    the messiness” instead of the slightly more convoluted way, “and I can go
    ahead and erase the messiness away”?

  18. Ledi Prawito says:

    Thank you……

  19. Gabrielle Willis says:

    This was great. I have an assignment where I have to color in about 28
    frames, so this should make it a lot faster.

  20. NinjaXaro says:

    Very helpful, thanks ^^

  21. drawnbydoug says:

    Thanks! I learned a couple of tricks.

  22. Doug Potter says:

    Thanks for a clear tutorial. Didn’t even think about the blob brush before.

  23. Tyler West says:

    are you saying you want me to fuck the adobe people with a strap on?

  24. ZeroTheRaptar says:

    Every time I try to do that, it tells me to select a symbol. WTF!

  25. David Johnstone says:


  26. red2fire2 says:

    So the Live Paint tool, is like the Fill Tool from paint….Just more

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